Luxury Hostess Gifts For Your Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and loved ones in celebration of the holidays. Whether you’re planning on hosting an event at your home or you’re going to attend the festivities elsewhere, it’s always polite to present the host with a gift to show your appreciation for their hospitality, not to mention their friendship.

If you want to treat the host to something elegant and unique, Venus ET Fleur® can help you share the holiday spirit this year with our luxurious arrangements and holiday collection. We offer a wide variety of arrangements featuring our real roses that last a year.

These eternity® roses come in more than 26 beautiful colors, giving you plenty of options to mix and match your favorites. With our luxury flower delivery services, you receive elegant roses that you will be able to enjoy for an entire year or more with proper care. Show your friends and loved ones how much you care, and shop our eternity® roses to find the perfect hostess gifts for the holidays.

Elegant Hostess Gift for Your Holiday Parties

Moleskine Recipe Journal

Do you have a loved one who enjoys spending time in the kitchen? Get them a moleskin recipe journal! This journal allows the culinary expert in your life to pick and choose which recipes they want to preserve. They have the freedom to record their personal favorites, write down entire menus, or even create their own unique recipes. Instead of rifling through endless pieces of paper in an old binder, or scouring the internet for a recipe they failed to bookmark, this recipe book organizes everything they need in one beautiful book that they will be able to take out and use for many years.

Cheese Board and Knife

One key to hosting an elegant soiree is having all of the right tools. While some may be content to serve food on mismatched plates and cutlery, an experienced host will have everything from cocktail napkins to serving dishes. Give the hostess extraordinaire in your life a beautiful cheese board and cheese knife. A charcuterie board is the epitome of party appetizers, and a seasoned hostess needs a high-quality platter to serve their guests select cheeses and meats. Additionally, cheese can be difficult to cut with a run-of-the-mill knife, so a good cheese knife will ensure that your hostess can cut up cheese with ease.

Customized Tea Box

If you’ve ever hosted a party, then you know how much work and stress goes into making sure the event goes off without a hitch. Between planning the menu, buying the drinks, decorating, and preparing the food, a host’s job is never truly complete. One great way to show the host or hostess how much you appreciate everything they’ve put into the party is to treat them to a customized tea box that they can enjoy once the guests have left and the party has been cleaned up. A good cup of tea has a very calming effect on the drinker, so presenting your friend or loved one with a box filled with delicious teas that you picked out yourself will make them feel not only appreciated, but will also help them unwind and relax after all of their hard work.

Wine Decanter

Great wine is a key part of a festive gathering, and if you have a friend or family member who is a wine enthusiast, a great hostess gift for their gathering would be a wine decanter. Wine that has been given time to breathe has a much richer flavor than wine that is poured straight from the bottle. Many people don’t mind drinking wine straight out of the bottle, but if your host is passionate about a fine glass of wine, then a decanter is right up their alley!

Surprise Your Host With Luxurious Roses From Venus ET Fleur®

If you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift to give this holiday season, then Venus ET Fleur® has exactly what you need. Our luxurious Eternity Roses® come in more than 26 colors and a variety of sizes and arrangements. We offer luxury flower delivery to ensure that your roses will arrive just in time for all of your holiday events.

Whether you are looking to surprise your loved ones with real roses that last a year® or you want to show your host how much you appreciate their hospitality, you can’t go wrong with an arrangement of Eternity Roses® from Venus ET Fleur®. Browse our collection of arrangements and be sure to order in time for the holidays!