Elegant April Birthday Flower Inspiration

As April rolls around, snow is finally melting and giving way to the sprouting life underneath. It’s the perfect time to give a birthday gift that embraces life. With Venus et Fleur® for birthday flower delivery, you’ll have a stylish, elegant gift to last them throughout the year.

The home of the eternity® rose — the original roses that last a year® — Venus et Fleur has the most luxurious and customizable flower arrangements and gifts this April. It will be a birthday gift they adore for the entire year to come.


Happy Birthday Flowers and Rose Letter Decor

Custom Gifts and Luxurious Birthday Flowers

Ensuring a memorable birthday is that much easier with a thoughtful gift that enriches their life for a long time to come. Eternity flowers deliver that gift every day with a gorgeous and uplifting display of flowers customized to their tastes and personality.

April Birthstone Gift Inspiration

April’s birthstone is one of undeniable prominence. The sparkle of diamonds is known worldwide, but the meaning behind each holds unique sentiment for everyone.

Luxury. Love. Power. They’re all implications held by the impeccable beauty of diamonds — not unlike that of eternity flowers. Our many arrangements and color options help send a message that’s undeniable, whether your birthday gift is for a friend, wife, or mother.


Purple Eternity Roses - Venus et Fleur

Inspiration From April’s Birthday Flowers

There are two well-known varieties of traditional April birthday flowers to draw gift ideas from. The first is the daisy, known most by its yellow center and white petals. Magically, the daisy has two types of flowers in its display, which is why it has been given as a gift between both friends and lovers for generations.

The second is the sweet pea, a beautiful garden flower that comes in a gorgeous variety of flower colors. Appearing often in 4-5 colors displays, these flowers create their own natural colorway for your garden. Gorgeous and sweet smelling, sweet peas have been a traditional flower to say goodbye, thank someone for a lovely time, or to wish the bride luck.

The gift ideas below impart the meaningful properties of daisies and sweet peas in a flower arrangement that can last throughout the year:

Design Your Own Classic Flower Boxes - Show your bond with a custom gift personalized with multiple eternity rose colors, symbols, and birthday wishes.

Dynamic Rose Colorways - Choose from one of our fabulous colorways for a gift that’s as beautiful and dynamic as them. We have two spring release colorways, offering your loved one the latest, uplifting style for the season. Available in vases and our signature flower boxes, there’s a spring flower arrangement perfect for any April birthday.


Our Melon Sorbet Colorway With Reflexed and Traditional Roses

Zodiac Flowers and Gifts for April

For those who embrace their sign, nothing could be more perfect than a gift that helps represent and fortify their zodiac throughout the year. Our line of zodiac sign flowers is a perfect place to start. It features twelve illustrious arrangements created with the zodiac symbol in black roses, resting amongst a bed of pearl sheen roses.

In April, there are two zodiac signs you might need gift ideas for. With some commonality between them, the Aries and Taurus could enjoy similar gifts. However, use what's unique to them for ideas and inspiration to create the perfect personalized birthday gift.

The Aries, representing April birthdays from the first to the nineteenth, are dependable and likes to lead. They’re enthusiastic and passionate about life and ambitious in their pursuits. Sitting around is not for them. However, if the Aries are not able to share their gifts with others, they might find them stunted. As a birthday gift, something that encourages them to embrace their natural gifts and reminds them to be open to the world during their pursuits is perfect.

A couple birthday flower and gifts for Aries include:

Aries Zodiac Sign Flowers - Remind the Aries every day of her place in the universe, the strength she holds, and the grace she must sometimes afford to others.

A Bright Spring Rose Bouquet - To supercharge the Aries and encourage her to embrace others, choose from our bright spring colors. Cantaloupe yellow represents friendship and appreciation while papaya orange reinvigorates anyone around it. Combine the two in our gorgeous Melon Sorbet colorway with regular and reflexed eternity roses.

Aries Zodiac Sign Flowers With Symbol Made of Luxury Roses


While the Aries is a free spirit, the Taurus is a responsible and devoted soul who can at times exhibit stubbornness and an inability to compromise. With weaknesses that fortify their strengths, it's easy for the Taurus to retreat inward and feel disconnected from themselves. To find love and happiness, the Taurus needs experience to shift their perspective as well as to be more flexible and open.

Give the responsible Taurus a gift that eases and uplifts with these birthday flowers:

Taurus Zodiac Flower Arrangements - If the Taurus is in touch with their zodiac sign, then they’ll know they need to work on their rigidity to find peace. A birthday gift of zodiac flowers is just a gentle way to remind them throughout the year.

Bright and Relaxing Rose Colors - This spring, we have the perfect thing for mellowing out the Taurus and encouraging her to take it slow. Our dusty rose and dusty lavender are divine colors to calm the Taurus and encourage her towards thoughtfulness and enchantment. Combine them in our Morning Mist colorway for a gift that soothes them throughout the year.


Taurus Zodiac Sign Flowers With Symbol in Black Eternity Roses

Say Happy Birthday With Flowers From Venus et Fleur

The right birthday gift is all about showing them you care. Make the April birthday in your life feel seen and appreciated with luxurious birthday flowers and personalized gifts. A Venus et Fleur birthday flower delivery will be the highlight of their day and something to adore for the entire year to come.

Make them feel special by choosing the original luxury roses that last a year®. Order your personalized birthday flowers, zodiac gifts, and more from Venus et Fleur this April, online or in-store.


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