Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Flowers for Her

The most romantic day of the year is coming and having cute, thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts is certainly on her list of things to do to make the day special. Whether it’s your 25th or 1st Valentine’s Day, a customized Valentine’s Day gift is sure to create lasting memories for the one you love.

Couple With Woman Holding a Venus et Fleur Large Heart Rose Arrangement

Venus et Fleur®’s, luxury eternity® roses, flowers, and gifts are customizable and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Combined with our exclusive collection of Valentine’s Day gifts and arrangements for you to choose from, there’s no way to go wrong in making this year special. Each eternity floral arrangement includes real flowers that last a year, making it a gift your loved one won’t soon forget.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Romantic Partner

We want you to have the best Valentine’s Day yet with your wife, girlfriend, or romantic partner. Whether you’re on a first Valentine’s Day date or have been together for years, these gifts will help express exactly how you feel.

Cute Gifts for New Love Connections

Valentine’s Day may feel daunting, especially in the beginning as your new love blossoms. The following gifts are designed to express how you truly feel, without implying too much. From cute gift add-ons to a more grand display, these gifts are perfect for your partner or special someone.

A Single Red Rose and Luxurious Chocolates

Eternity flowers and chocolate make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone in your life. A single red rose is said to signify love at first sight, and fitting to bestow to someone early in a relationship or when you want to remind a partner that your heart still thrives with them. Venus et Fleur has single red roses fit for both.

Our Le Mini Round arrangement is a simple, yet stunning arrangement that includes a single preserved rose placed in one of our mini classic boxes. This mini arrangement is suitable for your new love interest or girlfriend to proudly display anywhere. For something that exudes passion, for wives or a more serious Valentine, our Florentina Glass Vase with a single red eternity rose is a great option. Pair either with our six or twelve piece Gourmet Chocolate Bonbon Hearts for a luxurious take on a traditional Valentine’s day pairing.

Petit Heart Arrangement

Small, sweet, and not-at-all overbearing, the Petit Heart is a great gift for a new love interest or as part of a selection of gifts for a wife, girlfriend, or romantic partner. This arrangement features small eternity roses placed within a heart shaped flower box. These heart shaped flower boxes come in three styles — signature white and black, and plush suede — with suede as our latest addition for 2023.

Mini Heart Gift Set

Our Mini Heart Gift Set of rose flower arrangements is a gift befitting to any loving relationship. The elegance and splendor of this gift is undeniable, with three heart-shaped, standing-rose flower arrangements in one. 

Venus et Fleur Standing Mini Heart Arrangement and 12-Piece Chocolate Bonbons

Cute, Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Loving Relationships

It may be difficult to choose the perfect gift when you’ve spent countless Valentine’s Day moments with your special someone. Passionate gifts are great, but every gift doesn’t have to reveal your whole heart. It’s best to recognize the playful, light side of your love at times, after all, playful moments may have been what brought you together in the first place.

 “Love” Gift Set and Le Mini Letter Gift Sets

 The “Love” Gift Set is one of our more versatile Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. Inspired by love's compelling character, this arrangement is a unique work of art. Four mini flower letters unite to form the one word your special Valentine longs to hear - Love. Much like its source of inspiration, this graphic bundle box is designed to be displayed as a piece of artwork.

 Small or Large Heart Arrangements

 These flower arrangements show an emphatic love for anyone in your life. Opt for lighter shades of pink for a gift suited to Moms and daughters. Choose red for a vibrant new love, or burgundy if you want to show intense passion. Aside from being beautiful gifts, these arrangements also make beautiful Valentine’s Day décor.

 Fleur Tic-Tac-Toe

The Fleur Tic-Tac-Toe set is a unique and creative gift that shows your love this Valentine’s Day, and one to include in many fun, romantic evenings to come. Not only does it feature our luxurious eternity roses in nine X and O arrangements, but they also come housed in a functional acrylic game board. When you think of all the ways to raise the stakes in this simple game, there are few gifts that combine fun and sophistication so well.

Venus et Fleur Tic-Tac-Toe Set With Rose X and O Mini Letters

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Grand Gesture

For most passionate romances, one of the keys is never losing the ability to surprise. All of the gifts below are grand ways to show you’re full of surprises no matter where you are in your relationship.

 Aphrodite Porcelain Vase

Inspired by the intricate fluting of a scallop shell and romantic architectural detailing, this timeless piece is of unparalleled beauty. A stunning interpretation of the classic dozen roses, The Aphrodite Porcelain Vase includes one dozen long-stem eternity roses. This luxury flower arrangement is the perfect gift for the one you cherish.

Have these roses delivered for Valentine’s day — locally from one of our boutiques or by shopping online.

Le Plein

Our Le Plein arrangement is a stunning and sophisticated rendition of the classic Valentine’s Day rose bouquet. The Le Plein features a bountiful display of lush eternity roses in a Parisian-inspired hat box. It’s a lavish flower arrangement that makes an impressive Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or anyone you adore.  

The Heart of Venus

Enrobed in splendor, and blazing with passion and sweetness as well, this Valentine’s Day flower arrangement includes over eighteen dozen luxurious eternity roses. Set the stage for grand Valentine’s Day moments that create lasting memories for years to come. 

The largest of all our Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, this is a gift to consider if you’re pulling out all the stops. Fitting for a magical Valentine’s Day proposal or for when you want to give her a Valentine’s Day experience that rises above the rest, the Heart of Venus is nothing short of showstopping.

Couple Embracing Behind The Heart of Venus Rose Arrangement

Shop For These Cute Gifts and Valentine’s Day Flowers With Venus

Venus et Fleur® was founded on love, and the concept that a disenchanting flower delivery just won’t do. Shop Venus et Fleur® for the highest quality eternity flowers and roses that last a year or more and require little to no maintenance.