Celebrating the Perfect Valentine’s Day With Eternity Roses

2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and as we look forward to ringing in a new one, Valentine’s Day presents a terrific opportunity to celebrate and cherish the most important people in our lives. If you find yourself racking your brain for the most romantic gesture of affection for your Valentine—be it a gift, an experience, or something more personal—we at Venus ET Fleur® have a few suggestions on how to turn what may be one of the coldest nights of the year into one of the brightest and most memorable.

Whether you’re enjoying the first blush of a new romance or celebrating a relationship years in the making, here are the most important elements of a perfect Valentine’s Day, along with some tips on how to make this romantic holiday unforgettable.

The Ideal Destination

If you’re like most of us these days, it’s possible that you and your Valentine haven’t gotten out of the house in some time. If this is the case, consider going somewhere special that reminds both of why you love each other. Perhaps it’s the place you first met, shared your first date, your first kiss. Consider how potent such a memory can be when placed in the proper context, and plan accordingly.

You might also, if time and circumstance allow, travel further from home to someplace romantic in itself. Perhaps a provincial bed and breakfast, far from the bustle and bright lights of city life. Or some sandy beach, where the two of you can soak up plenty of sun and come home glowing with a tan.

A Romantic Meal Together

Cooking is a labor of love and can be one of the most sincerely romantic ways to show your appreciation for your partner. It’s also a great way to show that you know their tastes. This is the perfect holiday to try making something that your partner is sure to love. Consider the cozy familiarity of breakfast in bed, which can be one of the most wonderful (and simple!) culinary surprises to offer your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

One of the most important elements of a romantic candlelit dinner is, of course, candlelight! If your house, however, lacks a set of silver candlesticks, consider as an alternative Venus ET Fleur’s Rose Blanche Scented Candle. In addition to its transcendent aromatics of freesia and Damascena roses, this piece is housed in an elegant porcelain vessel with a handsome table presence.

Whether you’re cooking a familiar dish or something new and bold, the simple time and labor embodied in cooking, the wonderful kitchen aromas, the baking and breaking of bread are freighted with affectionate meaning, whether you’re celebrating just an evening or a whole life together.

Don’t forget to pair this intimate evening with a nice bottle of champagne or handcrafted sparkling cider to provide that extra ounce of pop.

Words of Love and Affirmation

Just as, if not more important than material gifts and comforts, are those simple verbal expressions of love that we so often take for granted. For many of us, flowery words of love don’t flow easily, or come out rough, or not at all. It’s the simplest thing on our list, yet can also prove the most difficult gift to give.

We’re not asking you to write your prospective Valentine a Petrarchan sonnet or hire a mariachi band to play beneath their bedroom window (only do these things if you know your partner very well). But it’s also important to speak your heart’s truth as well as you’re able.

Whether this amounts to a sincere expression over candlelight or simply a heartfelt note, handwritten by you or subcontracted to a calligrapher, the most important thing is to speak sincerely and directly about your feelings for your significant other.

Say It With Flowers

Even more than words, the most given and received gift on Valentine’s Day are flowers—specifically, roses. In 2019, 69% of all flowers bought for Valentine’s Day were red roses. In America and elsewhere, red roses are the flower most traditionally associated with romantic love.

The effect achieved by the perfect flower arrangement transcends the power of words to capture or describe. And chances are if we asked you to imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day, somewhere in that picture is a bouquet of red roses. At Venus ET Fleur, roses are our particular specialty. When you find yourself searching for the perfect arrangement for your special someone to communicate your long-lasting feelings of affection, we highly recommend our esteemed collection of Eternity® Roses.

What Are Eternity Roses?

Long-Lasting, Gorgeous Roses

As delicately beautiful as a natural rose is, you probably know that they never last as long as one would like. Conventional delivery roses generally only last a few days or a week at most before their scent starts fading, their petals begin to wilt and eventually fall, one by one. This can prove out to be quite disappointing, particularly given how expensive roses tend to be around Valentine’s Day when they are often marked up at retail.

However, Venus ET Fleur’s signature Eternity Roses retain their authentic look and feel for up to a year when cared for properly, and their delicate rose scent will last for weeks on end. This is achieved by a special preservative treatment that we’ve developed, which allows them to keep for up to a year with proper care.

Real Roses

Unlike many other companies that offer luxury floral arrangements, the roses found in every Venus ET Fleur arrangement are 100-percent real.

Cultivated in Ecuador, our roses reap the benefit of natural light year-round because of their close proximity to the equator. We grow them at a higher altitude than most market roses, which in turn results in noticeably larger blooms and longer, more elegant stems.

Upon reaching the peak of their maturation, the roses are cut and treated with a proprietary solution and coloring process so as to preserve their freshness and natural integrity for as long as possible.

Our Most Amorous Arrangements

For symbolic expressions of love, our Eternity Rose arrangements are second to none and come in a stunning variety, from understated to positively opulent.

For a minimalist elegance, one cannot be disappointed by this charming arrangement, affectionately titled Le Petit. These four Eternity Roses, smartly nestled in a charming, Parisian hat-box inspired vessel, cannot help but elevate any space they’re placed in. Despite their petit appearance, they are sure to out-do twelve dozen traditional roses in charm and class.

One can take an even more direct approach with one of our classic Heart Box arrangements from our Valentine’s Collection. This piece is perfect for a grand, intoxicating passion that must show itself radiantly. To take it up a notch, consider the Le Plein Heart, an opulent arrangement that contains over one hundred stunning Eternity Roses in a color of your choice. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the way to do it. 

Personalized From The Heart 

Our Eternity Rose arrangements are extremely customizable. More than 25 flower colors are available to choose from, not to mention a wide variety of Parisian-style boxes, which can be put to wonderful use long after the roses within have finally faded. For a partner with the most discerning and specific tastes, or if you have a vision that transcends the traditional, we highly recommend taking advantage of these personalized treasures.

In Conclusion

The expectations, we know, can be dizzying, even more so than the vast expanse of options to choose from when it comes to showing your paramour the best Valentine’s Day they’ve ever known. We hope to have narrowed the field a bit and to have been some help to you as you scheme and strategize to bring about the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration for your beloved.

Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day from Venus ET Fleur!