Meet our Classic Bundle Set & Small Ways to Celebrate Your Every Day

Life is about celebrating and being immensely grateful for the small, beautiful things in life—the moments, glances, and exchanges that provide us with glimpses of the eternal Venus that resides within each of us and in all things—that which fills our lives with beauty, grace, and elegance; that which provides us with love and a sense of calm.

In the spirit of celebration and of honoring the small things, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our Classic Bundle Set, our first bundle set. What can you expect? Roses—including, of course, classic pink, white, and red roses, beauty, lightness, and incredible scent galore.

The elegant new set is comprised of our charming Le Mini Round, Le Mini Square, and fragrant Rose Blanche Votive, nested in a display box that’s available in timeless black or white. The set is ideal for those who are devoted fans of our mini and petite arrangements of flowers. It also serves as a gorgeous, thoughtful gift for birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, and just to say “I love you.”

Because the set is comprised of three sophisticated, stunning, and powerful small pieces, you can place a Venus ET Fleur® arrangement on your desk, by your bed, and anywhere else where you have minimal space but want to bring an immense amount of all that Venus stands for into your life.

The gorgeous roses in each of the two arrangements are available in several strong, soothing, and feminine colors—blush, pink, red, and white. Select your favorite tones—each is representative of incredible, undying qualities including love, friendship, purity, romance, and bravery.

In honor of celebrating the small, incredible things in life, we’ve devised a list of things that you can do to grasp the seemingly small but utterly powerful things in your life. Celebrate every day.

Lists of Roses

At Venus ET Fleur, we believe that it’s absolutely essential to be grateful for the things in life—those small and large—that bring us peace, joy, and love. Every day, write down a list of Roses—the small moments, meals, walks, conversations, views, places, etc, that make your day incredible. It’s a wonderful and simple way to practice gratitude for the small things, and a soothing thing to do before you go to sleep. It’s incredibly gratifying to recall that which brought joy to your day. It will make you seek out and appreciate the Roses of the every day even more. You can keep your list of roses on your phone or anywhere in your home, next to one of the pieces in the Classic Bundle Set.

Light a Candle

When you light a candle, such as our gorgeous, rose-scented Rose Blanche candle—a fixture in our Maison Collection, stare into the flame. This is a grounding exercise. It’s warming and soothing and will connect you with the elements and with your senses. Just as being in the presence of candles can be incredibly calming, staring into a flame will help you to connect with your breath and with the present moment.

Perfume your Pillow

Before you get into bed to scroll through your phone, meditate, relax, and sleep, perfume your pillow with a linen spray. We love using lavender-scented pillow sprays, as lavender carries an extremely calming, gorgeous scent. Doing so will enhance your evening routine, may aid you in sleeping well, and will make your dreams more beautiful. It’s a gracious way of saying, “I love you” to your precious self. Keep the small, gorgeous pieces from our Classic Bundle Set on your nightstand to make your evenings and night even more filled with floral beauty.

Hug Yourself

Another way to express adoration for yourself? Stop what you’re doing and embrace yourself. Our relationships with ourselves are the most important relationships in our lives, and there is perhaps nothing more incredible than expressing this love, frequently and with true meaning. Human touch is essential—and these days, many of us aren’t experiencing enough—if any, of it. Hug yourself and you’ll find that your day—and life, will be made instantly brighter, calmer, and more filled with the most powerful love that there is.


You needn’t devote hours to meditating. Take just five minutes, if not more, from your morning, day, or evening, to close your eyes and meditate. You can do so in silence or with a guided meditation app. Allow for your mind to simply flow, letting thoughts pass like clouds in the sky. Meditation has been proven to improve everything from productivity to confidence, and will enhance literally every aspect of your life. It is essential. Taking just a few short moments to meditate will infuse your day to day life with all that Venus stands for.

Glance at the sky and other elements of nature

Whether you’re working, walking, driving, or simply lying in your bed, take even a single moment to glance at a nearby natural element. Really look at it. Absorb the gorgeous colors and textures of a flower that you walk by, admire the strength, ancient wisdom, and vivaciousness of a tree, look at the boundless sky. You will feel assured and calm, your eyes will be delighted by the immense, imperfect beauty of nature, and you’ll be more connected to our natural surroundings.

Appreciate each breath

It’s all too easy to rush through our days without actually stopping to breathe, deeply, and to enjoy all of the prana and energy that oxygen provides us with. Our bodies breathe without us even having to think about it—let’s take a moment to notice and appreciate that. Bonus? If you’re near one of our arrangements, you’ll inhale the magnificent scent of roses while you’re doing so.

Floral foods

All of us eat every day—so why not make a meal or snack more beautiful for the eyes and pallet by placing edible flowers on top? Edible flowers are available at numerous health food and specialty stores, and usually at farmers markets. It’s a simple way to make your secondary nourishment more lovely, celebratory, colorful, and filled with floral nutrients. Place edible flowers on your salads, smoothies, fish tartare, and so forth—it’s a simple way to make your life more gorgeous.

Create an altar

Place meaningful objects, sculptures, notes, and images on an altar—you can use a small table or a floating wall shelf. Spend a moment looking at your altar and at each of the meaningful pieces that you’ve placed on it. Pay respect and homage to each of the people, places, ideas, and things represented on your altar by keeping flowers on it. You can place flowers that you find, the candle and small floral arrangements from our Classic Bundle Set. By choosing to keep a Venus ET Fleur arrangement on your altar, you’ll have a gracious and gorgeous piece that requires no work, will last for more than an entire year, and will bring all that Venus stands for to your altar.

Incorporate a few—or all of these—into your life, to experience a more blissful, love filled existence. That is the essence of Venus, that is what we are here for.