4 Christmas Party Theme Ideas and Décor

When it comes to having the best Christmas party possible, all it takes is some creative ideas, food, entertainment, and maybe a theme. Choosing a theme can make it easier to plan a Christmas party, bringing along with it its own ideas for special games, foods, and decorations.


At Venus et Fleur®, our luxury, eternity® roses and other flowers bring an air of elegance and an uplifting aroma to the décor of any Christmas party, as well as making great gifts. To make your Christmas party all that it can be, we’ve prepared some theme ideas for you to build your celebration around. To bring it over the top in elegance and to complete the theme, shop for holiday arrangements with Venus et Fleur.

4 of the Best Christmas and Holiday Party Themes

Planning a holiday or Christmas party can be big work, and while it won’t take everything off your plate, these themes give you a clear and easy direction of how to decorate and prepare for a party your friends and family won’t soon forget.

Christmas Decorating Party

One idea that takes out almost all the hassle of a typical holiday or Christmas party is a decorating party itself! This is a great idea to take a fun activity and share it with your girlfriends or a group of close adult friends. It’s something many of us loved to do as kids and something that’s still a lot of fun if you’re not rushing to get it done. 

Given the casual theme of the party, don’t rack your brain too much about what to serve. An ample amount of wine and drinks, some delicious finger foods, and holiday music and movies should be all you need. To complete the picture, the only other thing you’ll need is the decorations. Get ample lights, an empty tree, sparkling ornaments, Christmas wreaths, table decorations, flowers and centerpieces to end the night with a magically decorated home.

Winter Wonderland

Another classic that everyone can get behind is a winter wonderland themed Christmas party. This theme embraces the season and naturally incorporates itself with all the wonderful holidays celebrated by different cultures. Plus, winter wonderland decorations are elegant and fairly color specific, making it a great theme for people to look their finest and have a sophisticated Christmas soiree. Far from an ugly sweater party, guests will look perfectly in place while wearing their most classy and fashionable attire.

The decorations are easy for a winter wonderland, simply choose a color scheme that includes white, black, various shades of blue, and plenty of twinkling lights plus bright tableware and accent pieces for them to bounce off. For food and drinks, go toward the higher end of luxury with fine wines, cocktails, and an expertly cooked or catered meal of fine dining.

Disney Christmas

For this theme, the range of décor sophistication and stories to build your party around is wide. You could go with a very literal interpretation and select a collection of Disney Christmas classics to plan around, a Disney Princess themed Christmas with everybody finely dressed and in costume, or something specific like a "Beauty and the Beast" theme.

For the first, you’ll want to include traditional Christmas decorations — trees, wreaths, and Christmas centerpieces — and clue guests in that they should come as their favorite Christmas character. The second is more broad in decorative options, but should surely include luxury and sophistication, and the third is perfect for combining a Disney theme with the easy décor of a winter wonderland. Plan your food and drinks accordingly, some characters might eat anything, but a princess won’t want messy food around her dress.

“The Office” Christmas Party

If you’re looking for an adult Christmas party that’s all about having fun, then maybe choose a theme everyone can get into. Having an “Office,” Christmas party in honor of the office and in-jest towards the traditional office party is a great way to take the seriousness out of your event. People can come as their favorite character, share laughs about "The Office" or their own, and bring gifts for a white elephant exchange.

To keep the party on theme, decorate your home to become the office, complete with a conference room, break room, and Michael’s office and keep the food and drinks simple. Top the night off with a “gift from corporate,” such as our Le Mini roses and Le Mini Letters, so they can remember their best night at the office for a long time to come.

Elevate Your Christmas Party With Venus et Fleur

When done right, Christmas parties can last in a guests’ memories forever and it doesn’t take much more than some creative thinking and the right amount of effort on the part of the host. To get beautiful Christmas wreaths, centerpieces, and gifts to make sure your party’s remembered forever, shop Venus et Fleur.