Christmas Gifts for Him, Her, and Everyone

Getting a good Christmas gift for all the different types of people in your life can be difficult, however when you find that gift for him or her that’s just right, it can be something you two always share and remember. While you may have to rack your brain, choosing the right gift is all about it being unique, personal, and a match to them and their style.

At Venus et Fleur®, we offer a wide array of custom gifts and flower arrangements for all the moments in your life, and that of course includes Christmas and the holidays. With Venus et Fleur, you can get gifts that perfectly match your loved ones, floral décor and flowers that will last the entire year, as well as seasonal arrangements for elegant and sophisticated holiday table décor.

Getting the Right Gift for the Holidays or Christmas

While flowers may not be the perfect gift for everyone, here are some tips for Venus et Fleur gifts and beyond to help match all the people in your life this holiday season.

Gifts For The Jettsetter

For the one who adores travel, adventure, and setting their sights on distant locales, here are a few unique gifts that will make their travels even more luxurious and memorable:

The Classic Bundle Set: With three gifts from Venus et Fleur, the wanderer in your life can bring a little comfort from home anywhere they go. The votive candle, in one of our signature scents, can become the smell of home, while keeping one Le Mini arrangement at home and one while their traveling could help remind them of home when they’re away. This concept also makes the classic bundle a great romantic gift for long distance relationships. You can each keep one of the arrangements with you, and light the candle only when you come together. 

An Embossed Wallet: Find a gorgeous leather bifold wallet or card case in your loved one’s favorite color and have it embossed with their initials for a personalized, loving touch on their Christmas gift. This will be a stylish choice and particularly attractive for the jet setter who considers themselves a trendsetter as well.

A Cashmere Scarf Wrap: This is a travel essential. It will keep your loved one warm on airplanes and can be easily stowed away when they hit hotter climates. Not only that, but the right scarf can be a stylish addition to almost any fall or winter attire. They can keep it in their bag and will think of you every time they wear it.

A Travel Fragrance Bundle: Our signature room sprays arrive in travel-sized containers that are perfect for any room or on-the-go adventure. For a traveler who enjoys the finer things in life, they’re a Christmas gift that acts as an instant atmosphere booster. They can make even the most gorgeous rooms more comforting and glamorous while being able to be tucked away anywhere. If your loved one has a brand or aesthetic to stick to, these will help set the tone wherever they go.

Power Bank: A super practical gift, this could save your loved one! A high-quality power bank in a color that they love, or a simple white or black, is an easy way to make sure the gift is something they’ll use. They’ll be so grateful for being able to charge their necessities while on the go and hopefully never have to worry about a dead phone emergency again.

Gifts for the One Who Has Everything

Even those who have everything will love a token of adoration from you, and this is a great chance to let your gift-giving shine with something they love or didn’t even know they needed. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for those who don’t “need” anything — but will love a gift from you regardless:

Arrangements from Venus et Fleur: One way to deliver a good Christmas gift to the “person who has everything,” is to give them something they didn’t even know existed. An established person, the one who has everything has probably bought anything they can think of that serves some value in their home. However, they might still be buying expensive flowers that die within a week, and an arrangement from Venus et Fleur can bring a stunning new value item into their life. Lasting up to a year and available in many different styles and colors, you may just give them a new obsession to build into their home décor. 

Donation: For those who have it all, giving back is one of the best gifts. Donate to their favorite charity or cause, and give them the loving and thoughtful gift that creates a better world. Assuming the cause is also close to their heart, this can be a great way to show your loved one or partner that if it matters to him or her, then it matters to you as well. If you do go this route, make sure to provide a gift to carry the message of the donation as well. Any of our arrangements would be great for this, with Le Minis making a great option for groups or corporate gifts and larger arrangements being suitable for those you know more personally. We even offer card-stock options for a fully equipped gift.

A Gratitude Box: Find a luxurious box, a notepad, and a great pen to create a gratitude box. Encourage your loved one to reflect on what they are grateful for, write it down, and place it in their gratitude box. In doing so, you'll add more happiness and gratitude to your loved one's life. This makes an especially great Christmas gift for her. For some of the most luxurious gratitude box options, our Le Clair Acrylic Collection makes a great choice, with a number of different arrangement options and a drawer for their letters of gratitude, jewelry, and other valuables.

A Dinner at Their Favorite Restaurant : Take your loved one out to their favorite restaurant — on you! For someone who truly has basically everything they want materially, some one-on-one time with you might be the thing they appreciate most. To make it even more special, arrange it as a surprise or invite along other loved ones they may not have seen recently. A Christmas dinner with all the people they love is sure to be a good gift.

 Gifts for the Homebody

For some of us, home is not only where the heart is, but where we like to be most of the time. Here are a few incredible Christmas gifts for him or her that will make spending time at home more luxurious and even more cozy:

The Thalia Porcelain Vase: This arrangement adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any mantle, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. This large, full arrangement is an adaptable centerpiece to any décor, with its white base and forty eternity® roses, they’ll spend many afternoons relaxing on their couch, admiring its timeless beauty as this gift will last the entire year.

Cozy Slippers: For a homebody, coziness may be near the top of their list of wants. You could make their time at home more cozy and comfortable with a pair of fur-lined or cashmere slippers that they can wear while puttering around. Pair that with a plush and soft throw blanket to keep them warm and they’ll be cozy on the couch and whenever they get up. Our 100% lambswool blanket features our signature VEF diamond print and finished edges, adding luxury to any home. 

Tea Set and Teas: Speaking of hot drinks, a set of their own gorgeous imported teas, a tea strainer, and beautiful tea cups and saucers would be great for the homebody in your life. They’ll save money and not have to go out for caffeine while enjoying elegant and exotic, warm, soothing, and delicious cups from their own home.

Top Shelf Liquor and a Bar Set: Invest in a bottle of top shelf silver tequila and send it along with a new cocktail shaker, ice bucket, coasters, ice tongs, an ice cube tray, and so forth. Make their happy hours even more enjoyable by adding bitters, bottled organic ginger juice, flakey sea salt, dried lemon rounds, and an edible gold leaf. This should be a perfect gift for anyone with some class and style who enjoys a cocktail.

Breakfast Tray: Find a beautiful tray, maybe even customize the gift, that will allow for your loved one to enjoy slow, mindful, delicious meals in the comfort of their own bed — a truly luxurious, homey, beautiful experience. To complete the gift set, you could also send a beautiful ceramic coffee mug and a porcelain bowl with this gift.

A Bed Set: Bed sheets and other linens are great for every season, can look beautiful, and are something everyone uses. Find a bed set or some linens that are particularly cozy and luxurious, and you’ll have found something for the homebody in your life. Just make sure that it matches with their home’s décor as homebodies can be some of the most serious about their aesthetic.

Light Therapy Lamp: For the homebody who rarely goes outside, a light therapy lamp can be a wonderful Christmas for making their winter a little brighter in their soul and their home. It’ll help them with their circadian rhythm and will help their body provide them with Vitamin D. This is a great gift for anyone during the winter time.

Gifts for the Glamor Girl

For the one who applies makeup for Zoom meetings and loves all things glitz and glamor, we recommend the following little luxuries to help show off their style:

Our Le Clair Quinze:  This acrylic flower box arrangement of eternity roses has a storage compartment built into the arrangement, which is ideal for storing makeup, jewelry, keys, and other necessities. It’ll make any closet or vanity even more glamorous and tidy, making it an ideal gift for the fashion and beauty lovers in your circle. Pick from elegant holiday rose colors like gold, rose gold, burgundy, plum, or red to add some classic Christmas colors and something that adds elegance all year round.

Luxury Skin Care Tools: Think a gorgeous gua sha, toning tools, and facial massage tools. These can help to improve skin texture and brightness, and your glamorous friend or loved one is sure to look her best when she uses them. If your girlfriend or wife goes all-out on her self care or beauty routine, these are some Christmas ideas that can help show not only that you notice, but that you care about what she cares about.

Eye Shadow Pallet: Find a pallet in their favorite brand and that suits the face of your loved one — you can’t go wrong with a neutral pallet of bronzes, golds, and browns. A pallet will help make their blending easy and make them feel beautiful.

Gorgeous Perfume or Room Sprays: For many women, a signature scent or perfume tops off their look. Find an incredible scent in an elegant bottle that you already know she’ll love for perfume, or, choose an elegant room spray, such as one from Venus et Fleur’s scent collection, that ties together the aesthetic of the home for a gift for her that’s a little more fool-proof. The hope is that you match the home’s beauty and aesthetic to hers.

Luxury Face Oil and Serums Set: Face oils and serums are a great way for providing moisture, especially as things get dryer during the winter. Look for one that’s void of synthetic fragrances and ingredients in order to take the best care of their skin. This is a great gift for girlfriends or wives at Christmas that will help give them perfectly soft skin and a face that glows.

LED Face Mask: Known for improving skin texture, pores, and for helping to repair the skin, and are a good gift that the glamor girl in your life most likely doesn’t already have. Not only are they refreshing and help with skin care, but they’re fun to wear. Your wife, girlfriend or daughter can take a break from their glam, gorgeous self, and have some time to relax even as they pamper their look even more.

A Gold Lipstick Case: For the classic beauty lover or the sophisticated woman in your life, a gold lipstick case is a reusable, timeless gift that will elevate their makeup bag and give them something to accessorize with at even the most extravagant settings. It will look stunning when they pull it out at this year’s holiday parties.

Gifts for the Minimalist

For the minimalist in your life, their space is likely simple, organized, and beautiful.  When it comes to giving them gifts at the holidays and Christmas. They’ll enjoy meaningful and functional gifts, and they always consider the total value of all their purchases. If you can hit on all these things, your present will fill them with joy.

Our Small Round or Le Douze Arrangement: To elevate the look of your loved ones' clean and organized home all year, a small flower arrangement in a round flower box or porcelain vase could tie together any room. Go with a white container in order to match elegant monochromatic spaces or possibly a stone or metal vase for more rustic minimalist décor. With our small, round flower box arrangement, you get 13-15 beautifully arranged roses, or you could go with the slimmer, taller arrangement of the Le Douze for a classic dozen roses. If they love flowers, they’ll see the value as soon as they come down from its beauty.

A Simple Piece of Jewelry: A minimalist ring, bracelet, or simple necklace is a gorgeous, thoughtful, and timeless gift that will suit the stylish minimalist in your life. Look for a piece that can be worn with everything from jeans to a date night dress. Simple elegance is key, so choose something small and accenting and go with something like gold or rose gold so it can fit seamlessly with most outfits.

Sea Salt Set: Flakey, smoked, and flavored sea salts can help enhance any meal that the minimalist in your life makes at home. With many minimalists electing for that lifestyle in part because they don’t like to waste, spices or additions that can help make eating more desirable are a great gift — and many come in gorgeous, simple boxes that’ll look amazing in their un-cluttered kitchens.

Coffee Subscription Box and French Press: In the vein of adding style and comfort to your loved one’s life and minimizing waste, find a coffee-of-the-month box so that your loved one can enjoy a different brew every month of the year and save money on expensive coffees. With a french press they’ll have a beautiful and simple device to make their coffee and will savor the holiday mornings just a little bit more knowing the delicious coffee is because they’re loved.

Gifts for the Aesthete

For the aesthete in your life, a lover of art and ambiance, and the person with exquisite taste and particular tastes, this assemblage of gifts offers a touch of class as well as cozyness. With just a little insight on their taste and interests, you can be sure these gifts will fit with the flow of their home and help make this Christmas one of the best yet.

Our Fleura Porcelain Vase: This arrangement of mixed orchids features stunning purple orchids, green craspedias, green dianthus, as well as plumb, hot pink, and burgundy eternity roses. The aesthete in your life will appreciate the full and lush layers of beauty and the elegance it brings to every room with strong, passionate colors and it can work great with any holiday décor as a table centerpiece or mantelpiece.

Art Print: Find a print by an artist your loved one admires, or go for a classic such as Picasso or Matisse, while making sure that it matches their décor. It will add texture and elevate their space, plus you already know that it will match their often-specific tastes.

Hand-Blown Glass Carafe and Glasses: A beautiful, colorful carafe and glasses will help keep your loved one hydrated in style, or go for a clear carafe and glasses for those aesthete’s with more of minimalistic tilt. They’ll love the look of it in their kitchen or dining space, especially when they’re hosting guests. 

Puzzle of Famous or Loved Artwork: For something to do during cozy winter or holiday nights in, a puzzle can provide for a fun activity and be kept as a cherished memory and work of art. It could be a well known artwork, something that you know matches their taste and décor, or for a more personalized, custom gift, create a puzzle using one of their favorite photos.

Illustrated or Personalized Stationery Set: If the aesthete in your life also has a way with words or likes to leave notes, find a beautiful stationery set with printed artwork on it or the initials of your loved one. Pair it with a high-quality gold pen, so every time they drop someone a note it can feel sophisticated, luxurious, and personal.

Gifts for Lovers

For those in your life that you know a little more intimately, there are a number of different gifts that show your interest at various levels. To get the perfect gift, find something for your lover that matches your relationship and intent.

Flowers are always a classic gift for lovers, but are even better when they’re in a luxurious, long-lasting flower arrangement like the ones from Venus et Fleur. Our Small Heart box arrangements with burgundy eternity roses are a subtle declaration of deep love and adoration. It’s an obviously romantic gift and its small size makes it perfect for new relationships or showing you have feelings for someone.

If you want to make a bigger and more grand gesture, our Le Plein or Le Plein Heart flower boxes, or any number of our beautiful vases with flowers would make a great choice. These full, luxurious arrangements can show how big your feelings are and will make a statement to everyone that sees them. However, you don’t want to go too large or flamboyant, so add the extra thoughtfulness of an arrangement you know they’ll have a place for.

Our new Nue Tuberose candle is ideal for a partner, someone’s space that you’re intimately familiar with. This romantic rose-toned wax candle can transport them to a garden of night-blooming tuberose, warmth, and beauty. It’s ideal for placing on a bedside table and can make any space feel more romantic and luxurious. It can be perfect to light on romantic evenings, to help your loved one set into a night of self-care, and to enjoy the ambiance of long winter nights.

Heart Jewelry: If you’ve been together for a while, then something like a heart locket bracelet or necklace could be a cute, luxurious gift to show your commitment this holiday season. They’ll love the piece, wear it frequently, and keep an image of their love with them.

A Silk Robe and Eye Mask: Ideal for the lover in your life who enjoys luxury, romance, and coziness. Send them a soft and lovely robe, along with an eye mask, that allows them to feel comfortable and gorgeous while at home. Giving them something so luxurious and just for them is a great way to show you care and would be an appropriate gift for any wife or girlfriend.

Essential Oils: Essential oils can be a great gift for anyone in your life, but certain essential oils emit fragrances that either comfort or entice can be particularly great for a lover. Select blends that include rose, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and other scents that are known for their amorous properties. These are great for setting the mood, massaging, and using them as a natural scent. Be sure to follow the guidelines of each oil for the best experience.

Staycation Night or Weekend in Luxury: Book a night or weekend at an upscale hotel or Airbnb. They’ll be thrilled to enjoy a spa day and a night or two in a cozy, gorgeous place, and with Airbnb it could be somewhere truly unique. Who doesn’t want a romantic weekend escape?

The Chef

For those in your life who spend a ton of time in the kitchen, look for gifts that match their passion and creativity. Like any artist, there is lots to draw from the personality of a chef that can make gifting fun and easy. All of these gifts will let their personality and tastes shine not only in their food, but in their home as well.

To start with kitchen décor and set the stage for your chef, if you are looking for a centerpiece arrangement for the kitchen or dining room table, our Le Plein with deep blue eternity roses not only blend with the kitchen perfectly but offer a full and luxurious flower arrangement. Chefs will love this as long as they have a dining table or Island with enough space to work around. For something you’re sure they can find space for, consider a personalized gift of mini L'alphabet Letters in their initials or a playful word or phrase. They make great wall or accent décor on counters, on baking racks, and above the stove or sink.

Cookbook: Find a book full of recipes from different cultures like Japanese, French, Italian, and more, or a book that focuses specifically on one of their favorite types of food. They can not only experiment with new recipes but also learn a few new tips and tricks. To take it up a level, finding a rare cookbook or one with recipes from an ancient or obscure culture might be a particularly great Christmas gift in the eyes of a chef.

Produce Box Subscription: This is a great Christmas gift for anyone, especially the chef in your life, as they will be excited every time they receive a box with fresh, seasonal ingredients to make delicious dishes with. They’ll have opportunities to experiment with vegetables and fruits that they perhaps don't typically buy.

Beautiful Salt and Spice Set: Everyone loves great salts and spices, and the chefs in your life are certainly no exception. Create or select a set that has tons of classics such as herbs de provence and italian seasonings, as well as a few more special spices, chiles, and gorgeous salts. It’ll enhance every dish that they make.

Imported Olives, Vinegars, and Mustards: As with the spices, amazing imported condiments are a true treat for everyone. These will make their salads and other dishes even more incredible, and they’ll love using these special products.

Personalized Apron: Creating a customized apron for the chef or entertainer who likes to stay neat while cooking, is a cute, charming gift. They’ll love wearing it while cooking and will think of you every time that they slip it on, especially if it has some kind of personal detail of your relationship built in. This is a Christmas gift for Dads, Moms, boyfriends, girlfriends and anyone in your life who likes to cook.

Caviar: The ultimate in luxury and a dish best admired by someone with a finely tuned pallet. Send them some amazing caviar on ice for a gift that chefs will fawn over. It’s also a perfect and timely gift for something so exquisite, they can enjoy it during the holidays or later on for New Year’s.

Luxurious Extract Set: Extracts are great for bakers and chefs alike. Look for a set that has the classics, like a great vanilla, and also has unique extracts such as rose and lemon. Extracts are wonderful for baking and can also be used in a variety of other recipes, including smoothies.

Heart Shaped Ramekins: For the one you love or just a chef who is a little more playful, these adorable ceramic pieces are wonderful for cooking eggs and other single-serving dishes. It’ll make their meals even more enjoyable, with a playful spin and the love they’re reminded of every time that they use them.

Gifts for the Mental and Physical Health Guru

For the yogini, the vegan, and the people in your life who know that health is wealth and are committed to taking impeccable care of themselves, there are a number of Christmas gifts you could give to not only improve their wellness but to offer some comfort and luxury as well.

Our Florentina Vase has a rose quartz crystal that hangs from its gold crown, making this gorgeous piece ideal for those who are interested in manifesting all that they want in life.

To improve their self care, go with one of our sumptuous scented candles. They’re perfect for meditation, placing on a bedside table, and brightening the home and life of those who seek lightness, brightness, and positivity. To offer their space even more protection and warmth, our Evil Eye Collection consists of long lasting roses placed in our signature flower boxes. A bit of a misnomer, the Evil Eye wards off evil to protect whoever keeps it in their home.

Luxury Adaptogens: There are tons of amazing blends of adaptogens including Ashwagandha, tocos, and other beautiful and powerful gifts from the earth that the wellness lover in your house will be perfectly blissful over.

Mala: A gorgeous mala is a perfect gift for those who practice yoga, meditation, and the like. They are said to help one focus not only during their practice, but throughout the day as they use it as a reminder for their intentions. Find one with stones such as rose quartz to attract more life, or look into the array of stones and their meaning for a more personalized gift. They can wear it all day or leave it on their altar for when they’re ready to come into a spiritual space.

Meditation Bench or Cushion: A great gift to enhance their meditation practice. One doesn’t need anything in order to meditate, but a meditation bench or cushion is a wonderful gift that will enhance their daily meditation and it can even be used as a prop in yoga practice. 

Exquisite Incenses and Holder: A beautiful, minimalistic or ornate incense holder is a great gift to bring in a peaceful atmosphere and to adorn their altar, desk, or bedside table. Send it alongside a few boxes of exquisite imported incense — it’ll fill their space with calming and soothing scents and they’ll appreciate hard to find fragrances and your thoughtfulness about their daily care.

Matcha Set With Ceremonial Matchas: Matcha is a wonderful alternative to coffee, and there are so many delicious, high quality ceremonial matchas as on the market. Send it with a whisk and bowl for a gift that will make their morning routine even more celebratory and lovely.

A Weighted Blanket: Many start their wellness journey not only for their physical health, but their mental health as well. For those that deal with anxiety, weighted blankets are incredible for staying warm and cozy and are proven to help relieve their symptoms. They can even help those with ADHD focus, as they occupy their nervous system with touch stimuli and reduce the influence of noise and moving objects. They’ll feel less anxious, more focused, and may even sleep better — which is absolutely essential to anyone’s wellness.

Produce or Organic Seafood Subscription Box: Just as the chefs in your life will adore a produce subscription box, this is an ideal gift for wellness lovers. If anyone knows how hard it is to eat nutritiously, have the variety necessary for the right nutrition, and have enough time to think of and shop for both, it’s those who are truly health conscious. They’ll adore experimenting with the stunning, seasonal produce and organic seafood and will give them the built in variety we all need. They’ll make delicious, nourishing meals and for the healthy, spiritual people in your life, it’s a Christmas gift that will be savored all year.

Gifts for the Host in Your Life

Give the entertainers in your life any of the following — they’ll make their home and celebrations even more gorgeous, bring them joy when they look at it, and impress any guests they might be entertaining this Christmas or Holiday season.

For those who live to entertain, select the Thalia Porcelain Vase with mixed calla lilies. These beautiful eternity flowers include calla lilies, green dianthus, plumb, hot pink, and burgundy roses, as well as magenta and purple hydrangeas. Perfect for any space in the entryway, living room, kitchen, or bedroom, these are sure to be eye-catching décor for any party — for Christmas, New Year’s, and beyond.

Personalized Coasters: Colorful coasters embossed with their initials will look amazing on their coffee table and protect your host’s furniture so it’s always as presentable as they’d want. Your loved one will adore their home décor with a personal touch and be sure to put them to good use.

A Luxury Bar Set: Complete this gift with high-end bitters, a bottle of their drink of choice, drink stones or a luxury ice tray, and a nice set of whiskey or cocktail glasses. This is a thoughtful and fun gift for entertainers. The set will look amazing on their bar cart and their guests will love to concoct delicious cocktails using ingredients and tools that you send. It’s a particularly great gift around the holidays, as they’ll get to show it off with guests almost immediately.

Charcuterie Board and Serving Dishes: This is a great gift that they’ll use frequently while entertaining. They can put out a beautiful display with a delivery of meats, olives, capers, crackers, cheese and elevated condiments, then pair it with serving dishes in silver or another color that matches the board. That way they can serve additional snacks in the serving dishes or give them to guests to fill with charcuterie.

Luxury Home Speakers: Find a set of speakers that can be used with your loved one’s phone or computer and placed around the home so that they can play music while cooking, working, or entertaining. They’ll love being able to set the mood for every occasion and there are many options that will blend seamlessly into any décor.

Prepare for The Holidays With Gifts and Décor From Venus et Fleur

With the holidays soon upon us, we hope these ideas have touched on something for everyone in your life, as they all deserve a little comfort, luxury, and love in their gifts this year. For the best in real, long-lasting roses and other flower arrangements, as well as elegant home décor and gifts this holiday season, shop with Venus et Fleur.