Christmas Gift Ideas For Her: 9 Ideas You Haven't Heard Of

As the holiday season draws nearer, so does the panic of finding the perfect present for the lady in your life. We can already predict what will happen - perfume advertisements will bombard you, shops attempt to lure you in with the ‘perfect’ gift set, websites claim to offer you the top deals of various bath bombs. Does this already sound overwhelming and send shivers down your spine? 

We understand your pain. So, we have put together a list of 9 ideas that you may not have heard of or considered. All are on the unique side of presents and will earn you a huge smile on Christmas Day! For floral gifts and décor, go with Venus et Fleur®.

Idea 1: An Alternative Tipple

Instead of buying a standard bottle of wine, liquor, or any other drink she might like, you could get her something more unique that still involves alcohol but is a lot more fun. There are several places that offer a monthly subscription to cocktail ingredients, wines, or beers that are sent straight to your doorstep with all the ingredients and instructions needed to craft the perfect cocktail or enjoy the perfect wine tasting.

It is the gift that will not stop giving as it is a subscription, and it beats a one-off purchase of a bottle of alcohol. 

Idea 2: Personalized Jewelry 

Jewelry is a very popular gift for women for Christmas. However, you can put your own twist on this traditional gift by purchasing a personalized piece of jewelry that is beautiful and unique. 

There are hundreds of boutique jewelry stores that create unique and personalized jewelry of all shapes and sizes. Popular choices are name necklaces, roman numeral rings, engraved messages of necklaces, and much more! You can select the finish that you want — gold, rose gold, or silver depending on the taste of the lady you are buying for. You can create a piece that is specific and individual to her.

Idea 3: A Woman’s Best Friend

If the special lady in your life is a huge dog lover with their own furry pal, then this might be the perfect gift choice for you! It is a personalized dog parent mug. These mugs are very well designed, and you can customize them down to the breed of the dog on the front and for the lady to look exactly like the woman you are buying the gift for. 

The designers behind them personalize each much with a new design as they are not mass made. The quality is excellent and will make a very loveable gift. 

Idea 4: Lights, Camera, Action! 

If the special lady in your life is a movie buff, we have a great present that they will love— a movie scratch-off poster. The poster could contain classic movies like Jaws, The Lion King, and The Godfather, and once you have watched the movie, you can scratch off the grey box to reveal the illustrated icon of the film. Once they have watched all the films, they will be left with a well-designed poster. 

This gift is very affordable and will be a lot of fun for her to work through. Proceed with caution as she may get you to have some movie binge-watching days to complete it! This idea is double the fun because it gives you some automatic ideas for date night.

Idea 5: When Tech Meets Organization 

A great gift that radiates high organization levels and efficiency is a wireless charging station. 

You can charge up to three devices at the same time, and they are often compatible with Airpods, iWatches, iPhone, and Samsung phones. These have many great features that include super-fast charging, aesthetically pleasing looks, simultaneous charging, and various safety features. 

Idea 6: Discovering Your Roots

Genetic Tests are rising in popularity and would make an intriguing gift for her. Without a doubt, she will never receive a gift quite like it! As it will allow her to discover her roots and find out more about her heritage. 

While these testing kits are quite expensive, they are truly an unforgettable gift and worth the money. You could either give this as a present prior to Christmas Day by collecting the relevant DNA samples and provide her with the results on the big day or give her the kit on the day and await the results after Christmas. 

These kits often provide you with information on how her family has moved from country to country throughout the centuries, information on how to build a family tree with the results, and precise and reliable information. 

Idea 7: 2021: The Year Of Mindfulness

To put it lightly, 2020 has been a strange year for everyone, and it has been difficult to keep a clear mind and relax with the constant craziness. So, this gift may help the special lady in your life have a year of mindfulness and good well-being in 2021.

You can find tastefully designed notepads both in stores and online. These notepads can be used as a thought diary, gratitude journal, or a venting notepad. High-end notepads are beautifully designed, which will help her relax and allow her to jot her feelings down. 

Idea 8: One With Nature

This beautiful gift is amazing for nature and garden lovers. It is a 2021 calendar that contains a pack of seeds to plant for each month. It is beautifully designed in botanical fashion and will make a great feature on any wall. This will allow her to look at something that she loves every time she needs to check the date and flex her green thumb at the same time. 

Idea 9: Venus et Fleur®

Okay, so maybe you’ve heard of Venus et Fleur! Year after year, we’ve had the privilege of being part of the holiday celebrations in homes throughout the world.

If you truly want to make a lasting impression this holiday season, browse Venus et Fleur’s unique collection of eternity® rose arrangements online today. All of our rose collections come in stylish Parisian keepsake boxes and beautiful vases, and last at least a year with proper care.  

One of our most popular options is our Fleura Porcelain Vase. The Fleura Vase combines our coveted Le Plein style arrangement in a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic vessel that would be a gorgeous complement to your Christmas dinner decorations. If you have any questions or concerns about our roses, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

We hope this guide has helped you gain some ideas for the festive season and relieved potential stress this December.