Celebrate the Women in Your Life this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is frequently associated with romantic relationships and passion. While it is an ideal day to show your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife how much she means to you, it can also be a wonderful time to recognize the other women in your life that you don’t have romantic ties to. In today’s post, we will review a few of the most important women in your life that are worth recognizing on the Valentine’s Day holiday and some ideal gift choices to help make your shopping easier.

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Your Mom and Sisters

As the woman who likely holds the most special place in your heart, your mom deserves recognition on days other than Mother’s Day. Whether you live a few blocks apart in the same city or you are separated by thousands of miles, sending her flowers on Valentine’s Day is a simple way to warm her heart and let her know that you are thinking of her on this special occasion. Likewise, if you have a sister, there’s never a wrong time to let her know that you’re thinking of her. Selecting luxury boxed roses from Venus ET Fleur® is an especially thoughtful gift, as your mom and sisters can enjoy the beauty and scent of real roses for months on end with proper care.


Friends make the world a beautiful place, and every girl has one or two girlfriends in her life that she can count on to be there through thick and thin. Even men are likely to have a few female friends that they’d be lost without. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your friend know just how much you appreciate their friendship and loyalty, and this can easily be accomplished by taking her out for a drink, treating her to a movie, or giving her a complimentary day of relaxation at her favorite spa. No matter how you choose to express your gratitude, she’s sure to appreciate that you took the effort.


There is nothing quite like the bond between a girl and her father, and no matter how old a woman is, she is never too old to receive flowers from her dad on Valentine’s Day. Mothers and daughters also share a unique relationship, and there is no better way for a mother to express how proud she is of the person her daughter has become than to remember her on such a special day. If your daughter has a style preference that is soft and feminine, why not gift her with a stunning arrangement from our Pour Lé Table Collection? With more than 25 flower colors to choose from, she’ll enjoy showcasing your gift anywhere in her home or office.


If you work outside of the home, it is likely that you have forged some strong friendships with a few of your coworkers throughout the years. In fact, depending on how many hours you work each week, you may see some of your co-workers more frequently than you see your friends and family. While many people don’t give a lot of thought to their coworkers on Valentine’s Day, there is no better time to show them how much you value working alongside them each day. Purchasing gift cards for a local gourmet cupcake shop or treating them to coffee in the morning is a great way to recognize them on this special day.

Your Boss

We’ve all had our fair share of horrible bosses, which is why it is so important to recognize the good ones any chance we get! A good boss can be more than your superior in the office — she can be a friend, a mentor, and a confidante. Many people choose to let their boss know just how much she is appreciated on Boss’s Day in October, but why not let her know on Valentine’s Day, too? Gifting her with a high-end flower arrangement will surely brighten her day, and giving her luxury boxed roses out of our Lé Clair Collection will allow her to display and enjoy stunning Eternity™ Roses on her desk for months.

Luxury Boxed Roses Online

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