The 11 Best Birthday Gifts For Mom

What do you get the woman who has literally given you life? If you have a mother who has a gift wish list ready at hand, then consider yourself lucky. For most of us, the weeks leading up to mom’s birthday are filled with web browsing through an endless sea of standing mixers, cardigans, and hand lotion in order to find something unique that any mother will really like.

That is why we have compiled a list of mom-approved products that will make her special day even more amazing. Here are our recommendations for gifts your mom is guaranteed to appreciate and love.  

1. Wine Subscription 

Set your mom up for wine nights to come with a wine subscription service that will keep the glasses flowing all year long. Mix and match high-quality pairings recommended by experts throughout the months. Your mom will be able to experience the diversity of seasonal flavors from all around the globe, right from the kitchen counter. 

Along with the wine, your mom will also be able to learn about the regions, grapes, and winemakers who produced the bottle. You will also be able to learn about what food to pair with each wine, from crispy chips and a good movie to a filet mignon and beachside fire. 

2. Exquisite Flowers That Last 

Venus ET Fleur®’s Le Clair collection has a multitude of choices that will be perfect for any mom’s birthday. The Le Clair Grand Un features an Eternity™ gardenia that is seamlessly encased in acrylic. This is a sophisticated accent piece that will compliment your mom’s coffee table, side table, or desk.

Its singular beauty represents the beauty of motherhood. The flower will catch any eye, and its pure fragrance will make them smile. The gardenias come in three different color options: cherry blossom, pure white, and burgundy. 

The Le Clair Quinze contains 15 absolutely stunning Eternity® Roses that are encased in a sleek and clear acrylic case that simultaneously protects the roses while displaying their true beauty. There is a hidden storage drawer beneath the top layer of roses which makes this arrangement as functionally practical as it is completely gorgeous. There are 24 different rose colors to choose from. These long-lasting roses will also be able to store anything near and dear to your mother’s heart. 

A delicate row of Eternity gardenias is displayed in a rectangular acrylic box in the Le Clair Rangèe floral arrangement. This is an elegant and stunning centerpiece for your mother’s dining room table. Just lift up the lid to let the flower’s naturally sweet fragrance waft throughout the space and transform the setting. Carefully shipped, these flowers will last for many family dinners to come. 

3. Luxurious Throw Blanket

Treat your mom to a new, soft, elegant throw blanket for the living room sofa. Moms will love curling up under it during movie nights. If you choose an oversized blanket, it’s even better for sharing with loved ones or family pets. 

Another popular gift right now is a weighted blanket. The weight ranges from around 15 to 20 pounds and calms and soothes the user. This will create a warm and comfortable space around any home. 

4. Spa Day Necessities 

A collection of spa treatments, equipment, and remedies that will provide much-deserved rest and relaxation is sure to be a hit. Treat your mother to a new foot massager that is better than any human massage therapist. A face steamer will rehydrate her skin, priming her skin for special serums and lotions. 

Add a jade or rose quartz face roller to help infuse the products and remedy any morning puffiness. A new, luxurious bathrobe and set of house slippers are also a classic favorite. Whether silk and patterned for a cooling summer moment or cozy and warm to enjoy a cup of coffee in, there is something perfect for your mother’s taste. An extravagant pair of slippers is a treat your mother might not buy for themselves, but that will always be appreciated. 

5. Stacking Rings 

A set of stacking rings, either in silver, gold, or rose gold, is the perfect addition to your mom’s jewelry collection. If you have siblings, add a special gemstone to each one that correlates with all of the children’s birthstones. This is a chic way to add some glitz and glam to your mom’s birthday. These rings will be a special keepsake that is dainty enough for everyday wear all year round.

6. Meal Subscription Service 

If your mom is not a natural in the kitchen, treating them to a meal subscription service is a great birthday gift. If you are giving a present to a new mother, chances are they are spending more time in the baby’s nursery than cooking a lengthy and complicated recipe. Make life more simple with a package of ready-to-cook ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions for even the most begrudging of home chefs. 

7. Temperature Controlled Mug 

If your mom is busy and on the go, chances are that the morning cup of coffee often goes cold before she’s able to take the first sip. Give the gift that keeps on giving by splurging on a temperature-controlled coffee mug. This lovely modern treasure will keep drinks at a consistent temperature (that can be specified!) no matter how long it takes to finally start sipping. 

8. Indoor Fruit Tree 

You can send a lemon or lime tree straight to your mother’s door, wrapped in a cute and matching ribbon. If you are new to indoor fruit plants, all you need to remember is not to overwater and to place it in a room that receives plenty of natural sunlight. A houseplant is just the ticket to liven up any space, and the additional gift of fresh citrus is a true joy to behold. You can pluck ripe citrus fruits without having to step outside. 

9. Insulated Tumbler 

If your mom is an iced coffee lover, a large insulated tumbler will keep a drink cold all day until the very last sip. Choose from matte, metallic, and patterned options for a reusable and sustainable portable beverage carrier. Select either a flip lid or a straw lid, decide whether you want it to be internally insulated, or spring for both for more customizable options. With one of these, condensation-covered bottles and melted lukewarm iced coffee will be a thing of the past from here on out. 

10. Handwritten Custom Kitchen Treasures 

For an equally sentimental and functional option, immortalize your mom or grandmother’s favorite recipe on a linen dish towel. This will double as a practical gift that everyone can use, along with referencing the fond memories of family dishes that have been passed down for generations. 

You can also engrave a personalized wooden spoon for making family dinners that express love. A customized charcuterie board is another great gift option that will be great for all wine and cheese nights to come. If your mother loves when you compliment her cooking, just imagine how wonderful they’ll feel when you give a custom plate with her own signature recipe on it. You will be creating an heirloom that will be able to be passed down for all future generations to love and learn from. 

11. Pottery Kit 

If you have a mother who is always searching for her next favorite hobby, look no further than an at-home pottery kit. These come with all of the necessary supplies; molding clay, brushes, ceramic paint, and more. With this present, your mom will be able to create pinch pots or larger pots. Or, if she is the more adventurous artistic type, she can create whatever sculpture she decides is her creative vision. 

Final Thoughts 

These personal ideas will make your mother’s birthday this year the most special one yet. Our moms do so much for us, and this is a small way we can show our love and appreciation and make them feel special and celebrated. 

Hopefully, this gift roundup will make choosing a special birthday gift a little easier. For the mom who has everything, you will be sure to find something perfect in both excitement and sentimentality for her to unwrap this year.  



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