Birthday Flower Delivery for Everyone in Your Life

Venus et Fleur® original eternity® roses and real flowers that last a year make a divine birthday gift for everyone on your list. Venus et Fleur is committed to delivering the highest quality floral arrangements, and our birthday flower delivery services are no exception.

Venus et Fleur eternity flower arrangements make a beautiful birthday gift. It's an arrangement that leaves your loved one delighted throughout the year. Design your own flower arrangement and choose from various rose colors, styles, and flowers to create the perfect birthday gift for a parent, friend, or romantic partner. Surprise your loved one with a luxury flower delivery that showcases your love.

Beautiful Eternity Rose Arrangements Perfect for Birthdays

Birthday Flower Delivery For Someone Special

The beautiful language of flowers holds no boundaries. Venus et Fleur’s vast array of rose colors, vases, and Parisian hatbox-inspired vessels beautifully showcase our eternity flowers and your love.

Birthday Flowers For Your Wife or Girlfriend

Venus et Fleur began with a love story and the brilliant idea of high-quality flower delivery. Today, we design eternity flower arrangements as beautiful as the relationships and occasions they celebrate. Our flower delivery ensures your romantic moments, birthdays, and special events are remembered today and every day for a year or more.

Make her swoon with the following birthday flower arrangements:

Large Square Classic Box - Over three dozen eternity roses grace our classic Parisian-hat-box-inspired vessel. Gift this romantic medley of luxurious roses to stun and spoil your wife. Choose from red, burgundy, and other various romantic rose colors.
Air Linen Vase - The Air Linen Vase is an elegant arrangement from our Textile Collection. It is a sophisticated gift for your wife or an opulent home décor option and creates ambient romance when combined with deep red roses.
Florentina Glass Vase - The Florentina Glass Vase exudes passion and elegance, showcasing a single, long-stem eternity rose in a smoky glass vase. Upon delivery and for the year to come, it is a gift that enamors when paired with a red or burgundy rose.

Elegant birthday gifts for your girlfriend:

Petit Hearts and Le Petit Squares - Our Le Petit and Le Petit heart-shaped flowers are rose arrangements your girlfriend can keep for the year to come. It will serve as a reminder of your love and as a cherished piece in her home or apartment.
Small Round Classic Box - The Small Round Classic Box arrangement of eternity roses is a simple, luxurious birthday gift that will leave her breathless. Choose burgundy or red roses to display your deep affection or blush or hot pink roses to spoil her.
The Classic Bundle - Elevate her space with the luxury of a special gift, including two mini rose arrangements and a hand-poured rose votive candle. It's a thoughtful birthday flower gift for a woman who has everything.

A Large Square Classic Arrangement With Blue Suede and Blush Roses

Birthday Flower Delivery For Mom & Dad

Your parents are the ones that are there for you from the start. A luxurious flower delivery is a great way to show your Mom or Dad how much you love and respect them, even from afar. In their beautiful display, the following gifts show how much you revere them.

Demi Sandstone & Fleura Porcelain Vase - These two arrangements add a classic, elegant appeal adaptable to any decor scheme. Each includes at least two dozen roses and an elegant white vessel. Choose the Fleura for modern decor or the Demi for homes that embrace rustic home decor.
Terre Travertine Vase - The Terre Travertine is a beautifully hand-carved vase coordinating elegantly with various decor. This luxurious arrangement of mixed flowers or roses is a beautiful addition to your kitchen or entryway table decor. This birthday gift signals the strength and love in your relationship with your parent.
Sylvie Porcelain Vase - The Sylvie is a luxurious keepsake gift that showcases four eternity roses in a beautiful white porcelain vase. It's the perfect gift for your parent to display on their side table or dresser as a reminder of your love.

Birthday Flower Delivery For Friends

Enrich the aura of your friend’s space and tell them you care with birthday flower delivery from Venus et Fleur. Our eternity roses and florals add a luxurious touch to your friend’s home decor. The stunning beauty of each eternity rose lasts a year or more.

Gia Marble Vase - The stylish marble detail, variety of rose colors, and volume of eternity florals in the Gia Marble Vase arrangement makes it the perfect birthday gift for a friend. Display in the home or apartment for elegant style and flair.
Ela Marble Vase - Two long-stemmed eternity roses nestled in union inside the Ela Marble Vase is a thoughtful birthday gift for the very best of friends. Choose yellow for the rose color of friendship.
Eternity Rose Zodiac Flowers - A cosmically perfect gift for anyone in your life, it’s a flower delivery they’ll never forget. Our collection of zodiac flowers includes each zodiac sign designed in a luxurious display of black and white eternity roses.

Our Aries Zodiac Flower Arrangement With Black and White Roses

Luxury Birthday Flower Delivery From Venus et Fleur

Eternity roses and flowers make the perfect birthday gift for creating lasting memories. Choose from our timeless arrangements or customize your own gift of roses for a personalized birthday gift that will elevate their space for the year to come.

Shop Venus et Fleur for the original eternity rose, floral arrangements, and luxury gifts for every birthday and special occasion. Order online or through your local VEF flower boutique for same-day and next-day flower delivery.