The 6 Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements and Gifts

When seeking to express feelings of love and romance, centuries of tradition and expert opinion have urged us to say it with flowers.

This Valentine’s Day, when you find yourself searching for the finest way to florally convey your heart’s inner truth to that special someone, consider one of our elegant Venus ET Fleur® arrangements. They come in a great variety of bright or subtle styles and colors and look absolutely stunning.

Not only is the romance embodied by the perfect flower arrangement no less potent now than 100 years ago, but this gesture can also be accomplished more painlessly and efficiently than ever before.

Venus ET Fleur has a number of radiant products, with variety to ensure that we have an arrangement for any and all tastes. Let’s look at a few.

1. Heart Box

In matters of the heart, a direct approach is sometimes the most sincere. One of our gorgeous Heart Boxes would suit the Valentine’s Day occasion perfectly, making use of the most classic and easily-understood symbol of love in the human repertoire.

The Heart Box features 36 fragrant roses that your significant other will simply love. And because all our roses are Eternity® Roses, they can last up to a year without wilting and do not need to be watered. This transforms the gift of a single floral arrangement into a perfumed reminder of your love that can be cherished all year long.

The roses can be ordered in a variety of splendid colors, from silver and gold to rainbow. We recommend, for this particular occasion, red roses, which symbolize deep romantic feelings. A well-placed bouquet of red roses will strike the perfect tone of romance for your Valentine’s Day.

The box itself is crafted from suede in the style of a Parisian hatbox. We also recommend, as a complementary pairing, one heart-shaped box of chocolates—but only if your paramour also has a sweet tooth.

For an even grander gesture, the Le Plein Heart has over a hundred shimmering Eternity Roses. For an all-encompassing love that can’t be contained, this gift is sure to bring the wow factor. 

You could also gift her the Small Heart Box, if you sweetheart errs on the side of simplicity. This heart-shaped hat box comes in either black or white, and your love will be the proud owner of seventeen gorgeous Eternity Roses. 

2. Le Clair Arrangement

For a more minimalist approach, consider something out of our unique Le Clair Collection.

This piece includes a gorgeous rose encased in crystal-clear lucite, which can beautifully complement a desk or bedside table.

The elegant single-flower presentation allows the viewer to appreciate its beauty from all angles. One has only to open the case to enjoy the rose’s signature fragrance and be reminded of the giver’s affections.

Accent pieces like this one make for an intimate yet tastefully decorative memento of your Valentine’s Day romance.

A More Traditional Alternative

By the same principle that a picture is worth a thousand words, the elegant simplicity of a single rose can, in some cases, convey an even greater depth of feeling than the most grand and luxurious arrangement.

Only you can know the extent of grandeur and luxury that your paramour expects and is longing for.

If the minimalist grace of a single rose seems appropriate, consider also the more traditional Florentina Vase, which features a stemmed Eternity Rose, placed in a gorgeous smoked glass vase adorned by a charming rose quartz crystal.

The ensemble is meant to promote not only love but also self-love. And for a partner who treasures their independence, this could be the perfect gift.

3. An Astrological Approach

In the event that you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day with someone attuned to the stars, planets, and their significations, we strongly suggest taking a look at our Zodiac by Susan Miller Collection.

In this collection, you will find each of the 12 zodiac signs represented with a unique and visually arresting arrangement. Each piece is housed within a stunning box inscribed with that particular sign and comes with an attached booklet describing what the stars suggest is in store for the year ahead.

Is your partner a Leo? Surprise them on Valentine’s Day with this Leo arrangement, featuring roses colored a vibrant orange to try and match their vivacious, buoyant personality.

We can think of no better collection that better suits a star-crossed love than this marvelous line by Susan Miller.

4. More Signs, More Wonders

Many among us believe there is more to life than meets the eye. If, on this Valentine’s Day, you want to wow your significant other with otherworldly good luck, take an unblinking look at our iconic Evil Eye Collection.

While at first reading, the “Evil Eye” may seem like a counter-intuitive display of affection, a closer second look will reveal that this totem has been in use for thousands of years and is meant to ward off the ill will of evil spirits and any who may wish to do you harm.

The Evil Eye

Use of this protective symbol goes back as far as 5,000 BC to the ancient Sumerians and has been found in use across cultures spanning the Mediterranean, the Middle East, West, and Central Asia and holds significance in Jewish Rabbinical traditions.

Far from being antiquated, this potent talisman is widely in use today and finds representation in various forms from beads to amulets to the palm-shaped hamsa wall hanging, which can be found in households all across the Middle East.

For the right partner, such a spiritually laden symbol as the Evil Eye will signal a richer and more metaphysical romantic connection than the pink and plushy overtures of the Western romantic tradition.

The deep cultural resonance of this symbol as a means of warding off evil and protecting the one you love means that your partner is sure to be reminded of your feelings when they see this piece.

5. Custom Arrangements

If you have a singular vision for your Valentine’s Day arrangement and are searching only to achieve its perfect execution, Venus ET Fleur has provided options to customize your own arrangement.

With 24 different rose colors and over 35 different custom designs, you will have the perfect floral canvas with which to work.

Write out your special someone’s name or initials, a symbol of personal significance, or even an inside joke personal to the two of you. It’s entirely up to you.

Whether you’re looking to arrange for something colorful and flashy or a more subtle, pastel piece, Venus ET Fleur can provide the means, materials, and most careful labor to convey even the most particular symbol of your love and affection this Valentine’s Day.

6. Making Your Own Bouquet

Sometimes the perfect and most intimate gift is one you’ve made with your own handiwork. Giving your loved one a vase filled with a bouquet crafted with your care and labor is almost sure to earn a swoon.

For gestures of romantic intimacy, a personal touch can be among the most meaningful. Be warned—crafting the perfect arrangement isn’t easy, but few things worth doing ever are.

Detailed instructions, tips, and tricks for selecting your own handmade bouquet have already been covered by us in detail, and this piece is well worth the read if you’re looking to create your own gift. Of chief importance is choosing a focal flower around which to design the entire arrangement and selecting the best flowers to accent its colors and textures.

If your partner has a favorite flower, consider building an arrangement around it to show just how much they mean to you.

Just as important, though, is selecting the perfect vessel to complement the arrangement and bring out the best of its aesthetic features. Remember—the vase is almost surely going to last longer than the flowers, so choose wisely!

In Conclusion

Gestures of romantic love are not, and will never be, one-size-fits-all. A floral arrangement can be the perfect centerpiece to your Valentine’s Day gift or simply a fragrant overture of more splendid things to come. 

How best to tailor your arrangement to the expectations and nuances of your own relationship can only be judged by you, but if you’re looking for gorgeous, one-of-a-kind flower arrangements that are made to last, Venus ET Fleur is home to a variety of gorgeous pieces.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re exploring the depths of new love or celebrating one decades in the making, we at Venus ET Fleur hope this guide has been helpful in finding the perfect bouquet for the occasion.

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