Birthday Colors By Month for a Custom Gift or Flower Arrangement

When it comes to birthdays, flowers are a fool-proof way to show you care. The simple delivery of birthday flowers says I care and I’m thinking about you, but what does the rest of the gift say? What does the quality of the arrangement say? Is it matched to them and who they are? These are questions that can make or break the reception of flowers as a birthday gift.

At Venus et Fleur, we make high-quality, long lasting floral arrangements that give you the beauty of real flowers without the need for watering or any tending to. Made from real roses, hydrangeas, orchids, calla lilies, and a variety of other flowers, all of our arrangements offer a beautiful, sophisticated gift that lasts up to an entire year. 

Happy Birthday Flowers By Month - What Color to Choose

For your personalized flower arrangement to say Happy Birthday in the sincerest form, it should say something about the person or their birthday. Getting an arrangement that incorporates the color of their birthday month is one of the easiest ways to do this. Below we’ll take a look at each birthday month’s color and some possible variations to help you say “happy birthday!” with flowers.


January is a month where we ring in the new year and try to usher in a better version of ourselves. Derived from a deity named “Janus,” who looks to the past for better perspective and to the future as a sign of hope, January’s colors are friendly and affectionate, with orange, yellow, and red representing the month. An arrangement of birthday flowers for this month could really pop, with all the colors naturally working together.

Another option, if you want to get more specific to your particular loved one is to pick the color specifically assigned to their day or to choose which of the three colors best fits that person or your relationship. Yellow is great for stable, bright people while orange is a match for friendly, competitive types and red could be a sign of an attractive person or personality.


Again taking its name from Greek origin, February was considered a time of purification to the Romans. With colors including pink, blue, green, and brown for the individual days as well as a light purple for the month, the month carries earthy tones and softness in its colors. There are many potential arrangements you could choose from. 

A lavender themed arrangement, with elements of pink, purple, white, and blue could work great for distinguished colleagues or prominent family members, while mixtures with blue and green could be great for friends and pinks can be thrown into customized arrangements to add some pop or as a primary color for someone with a bubbly personality or who you have a more romantic affection for.


March is a month with some convoluted symbolic meaning. While we think of it as the beginning of spring and a time of renewal, the name springs from another Roman deity, Mars, who was actually the god of war. However, while Mars was the God of War, the Romans saw this as necessary to gain a more lasting peace and he was also originally the god of fertility and agriculture.

To match these themes, March presents the colors of aqua, lime, black, and purple. With some dynamite color coordinating options here, you could customize an arrangement for almost anyone’s birthday gift. Various shades of purple, closing in on black, could add a voluptuous, prominent display against a less-intense background for those with more refined tastes, while a flower arrangement with aqua and purple flowers could provide a mature, but bright aesthetic to the décor of a home.


For April, the color of the month, Cayenne, is a big savior for color schemes. Otherwise, if you were choosing birthday flowers strictly by the days in April, your choices would be blue, silver, and white. The birth month of Aphrodite, a goddess of love and romance, April carries not only themes of spring and renewal but courage and assertiveness as well.

Knowing what we know about colors and their meaning, choosing the right birthday flower arrangement for April may simply hinge on whether you want to add some red in, whether that be for a lover or someone who’s aesthetic is a little more bold and outgoing.


Another spring month that brings warmth and hopefully the start of an abundant summer, May gets its name from the goddess of spring, Maia. Seen as a nurturing force, offering warmth and plenty in life, the colors of may are blue, gold, and cream, as well as green for the month. 

For an arrangement that is both subtle and luxurious, a mix of gold and cream flowers in a lovely vase would be a beautiful option for a number of decors. If you want something more romantic, choosing a cream and red display could be a beautiful way to incorporate the birth month and your feelings into the gift.


Named after the goddess Juno, energetic and eternal, June is a time of month in the calendar that’s symbolic of good health, love, and family. With cream, maroon, gray, red, and gold as the colors to choose from, the month offers a great chance to offer a flower arrangement that’s romantic or refined. With a limited color scheme, some of the best options for June birthday flowers may be outside the month’s traditional colors. For something a little more relaxed or friendly in nature, you could choose their favorite color and balance it with one or two of the colors from the selection above.


Getting back to the more vibrant end of the birthday color spectrum, July features a range of colors for you to make the best birthday flower arrangements, including, red, orange, yellow, and pink. A time of activity, change, and transformation, a birthday arrangement in these colors would be sure to pop. 

However, maybe you want to go with something a little more subtle than all of the warmest colors on the spectrum. A couple options include going with wholly pink or yellow arrangements, as a gift option to bring brightness to any room without clashing too much with most decorations. Alternatively, choosing your loved ones favorite color to match the color of the birthday month or day could be an option as well.


August is a month that brings in very interesting color combinations, especially with the color of the month being bright orange. Being such a hot month, it makes sense that August would have such a warm color associated with it, but it also comes with the cooler colors of green and blue as well as the more neutral pink and brown. Arrangements of blue and orange or orange and pink can really catch the eye, and are a great option for any one you have a strong friendly or familial relationship with.

If you want something that goes a bit further, for a more personalized gift, incorporating the person’s favorite color or a personalized message explaining the gift and its meaning could be a nice touch.


Unlike many of the months so far, September is tied to no gods or deities in name. However, much can be drawn about the essence of September from its numerical and color associations. Originally named for the seventh month of the Roman calendar, September is of course now the ninth month of the year. Taken together, these are two numbers that go well with September’s astrological signs and colors, all of these things carry connotations of practicality and balance.

The color of the month in September is sapphire, or something like an ocean blue, to go with a range of birthday colors by day that include brown, aqua, lime, olive, and purple. While green and brown don’t offer the most in terms of birthday flower arrangements, the color of the month paired with shades of purple and aqua could make a beautiful display. You could throw in some white or cream as well for a softer look.


Once again lacking the creativity of the first six months, October’s name comes from a pretty literal translation of the eighth month, again even though it’s now the tenth. Still, as the “eighth” month, its original number carries connotations of equilibrium and inner-steadiness just as its color of the month, cerulean, relates to themes of peace and balance.

With the other colors of the month being purple, navy blue, silver, and white, birthday arrangements for this month will ultimately have a cool aesthetic or be fit with a more refined décor. Taking all of the colors together, these arrangements would make a fine, understated-yet-elegant gift to anyone. Individually, most could be a nice display on their own, but would pair great with many “favorite” colors for a unique, customized birthday arrangement.


Another numerical-based name that’s two off what we now use it as, November was originally the ninth month of the year. Symbolically, the month is supposed to represent a culmination of wisdom and experience as well as endings and new beginnings. This goes hand-in-hand with the color of the month, claret red, which carries themes of passion, intensity, and strength — all things that help drive a transformation.

When combined with November’s colors for each individual birthday, November flower arrangements have a very Romanesque or romantic theme, with white, gold, and cream being the colors to choose from to go along with the deep hue of claret red. Pair this with something like a Gia Marble or Feu Cast Iron vase, and your arrangement will turn into a centerpiece for any room that incorporates red or velvet. For something with cooler tones or to better match your relationship, try coupling their favorite color with the color for their particular November birth date.


Originally the tenth month of the Roman calendar, and now our 12th, both numbers seem to still be relevant to how we think of December, 10 can represent growth and potential and 12 often represents initiation or new beginnings. We certainly hope for all of those things as we go into the new year, and they pair nicely with the color of December, pagoda blue, which is a color that is supposed to support clarity of vision and coupling truth with wisdom. Those are certainly things that would help with any new phase in life.

Going into the new year and being someone’s birthday, pagoda blue is a great color to support your loved one as they themselves get a year older. It’s also a birthday-month color that pairs well with each of its individual-day colors. With cream, gray, maroon, teal, and red all on the table, there's a number of beautiful birthday arrangements you could gift in December. To make it even more of a custom gift, add their favorite color in as well.

Get The Right Birthday Flowers For Your Loved One

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