An Unforgettable Mother’s Day for Grandmothers, Aunts, and Sisters Too

The meaning of Mother’s Day can change for women as they enter different phases of life. For a young girl, Mother’s Day is typically about celebrating their mom and giving her a big hug in the morning. As young girls get older, however, they begin to see several other women adopt stronger roles in their lives. The same is true for young boys. Teachers, older sisters, neighbors, aunts, bosses, and grandmothers all guide, support, love, and mother us in some way or another.

All women are worth celebrating, and Mother’s Day is a great reminder to appreciate the women around us and spread blessings to young women who will one day become a mother-figure to others too. Browse our beautiful floral arrangements at Venus ET Fleur® or look through our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for elegant gift ideas for a mother-figure in your life.

Celebrating Grandmothers

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Although we have a holiday dedicated to grandparents in September, you should still take Mother’s Day to recognize the impact your grandmother has made on your life and the love she gives you daily. We should enjoy our families every chance we get.

If you live with your grandmother, one fun idea is to host a tea party. Set up an old fashioned tea party with cucumber sandwiches, doilies, and fancy silverware. Set up delicate flower arrangements like our Le Clair Tresor piece which features a single Eternity® Rose in a sleek, clear acrylic box with a drawer. The drawer is just big enough to fit your grandmother’s favorite chocolate truffle, an ornate ring, or a bedazzled brooch

If she does not live with you, set up a video call with her and host a virtual tea party. Send her a package of her favorite sweets and some fine china. You can also ask her to teach you how to cook her signature dish while the two of you cook together virtually. There’s nothing quite like good food and great company to create a bonding moment that will last a lifetime.

Celebrating Aunts

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If you are blessed to have an aunt in your life, then you must remember to celebrate her this Mother’s Day, too! Your aunt is the next closest mother-figure in your life, who’s helped you when you were in conflict with your parents, remembered every one of your birthdays, and most likely witnessed your arrival into this world. Some aunts who don’t have children of their own, but have nieces or nephews, treat them as if they were one of their own.

For all the love your aunt has given their sibling (your father or mother), they have that much more love to give to you. Show her how thankful you are by sending her a personalized flower arrangement based on her Zodiac sign! This delicate piece features four beautiful roses with a booklet of horoscopes for the 2020 year. Send her a care package with a rose quartz crystal, which symbolizes unconditional love, and a couple candles with different scents, reminding her of the importance of self-care and self-love.

Celebrating Sisters

sister holding a small round rose arrangement

Whether your sister has a child of her own, or she is a great mother-figure to your children and others, you should absolutely consider celebrating your sister this Mother’s Day too. Your sister is someone you’ve grown up with, and though you’ve had your fair share of sibling rivalry, you’ve also seen the depth of her unconditional love and care for you.

Send her a Small Round White Classic arrangement with yellow roses to symbolize the joy, happiness, and friendship the two of you shared growing up and to impart that same joy onto her children. Yellow is a warm, bright color that’s sure to bring a smile to her face. This classic arrangement makes the perfect centerpiece for a coffee table or accent piece on a kitchen island or her bedside table.

Celebrate All Women This Mother’s Day

all women with round rose arrangements

For bosses, coworkers, mentors, and friends who are mothers or mother-figures tp youand to others, it’s time we celebrate and thank them for their kindness and compassion. The founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, didn’t have children, but she found hundreds of reasons to celebrate all types of mothers and motherhood in general. She wanted to celebrate and emphasize the purity and the altruism that mothers put out into this world, to their own children and anyone else.

For each mother or mother figure in your life, her importance should be met with more than a simple Hallmark card. Consider sending a Mini Round arrangement to any woman who’s played a mother-role in your life, as a small token of appreciation. 

Mother’s Day is all about the women who have given their love freely, without expecting anything in return. These are the women who deserve recognition. Celebrate Mother’s Day with all the strong women in your life with Venus ET Fleur, and visit our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more inspiring ideas!