A Man's Guide to Celebrating Mother's Day

Planning the perfect Mother’s Day celebration can be a hassle, especially if you’re not usually the one in charge of planning things for your family. Mother’s Day is all about giving the mother of the household the gift of relaxation, and taking all of the family obligations off of her plate. As a result, you, the father of the house, may find yourself in the precarious position of planning Mother’s Day all on your own.

As you begin planning the festivities for Mother’s Day, you will also have to figure out what to give the mother of your children for her big day. Luckily, the decision is easy thanks to Venus ET Fleur®. Our gorgeous Eternity® Roses make wonderful gifts for all mothers. We offer numerous different styles and colors, allowing you to mix and match to create a gift that your wife or mother will love. Nothing says “I appreciate you” and “you are special” quite like our real roses that last a year®, so be sure to visit Venus ET Fleur® and buy an arrangement of our Eternity® Roses just in time for Mother’s Day.

A Man’s Guide to Celebrating Mother’s Day

Understand Who You Should Be Celebrating

It makes sense to prioritize your wife or partner on Mother’s Day, but you also need to remember that there are other mothers in your life who deserve to be appreciated as well. Your grandmother, mother-in-law, step-mother, and the woman who gave you life are all prime examples of the wonderful women who deserve to be celebrated on May 12.

That being said, we’re not suggesting that you should go out of your way to plan a festive day for every single mother in your life. However, a thoughtful gift, a bouquet of flowers, or even a heartfelt card can go a long way and show that you care. If you really want to make an impression (and kill two birds with one stone) you can always put together a Mother’s Day brunch where you invite all of the mothers in your life.

Customize the Day According to Her Interests

When it comes to Mother’s Day, most people come up with the same few suggestions — give mom the house to herself, make breakfast in bed, and clean the house. While all of these are thoughtful suggestions, and will most likely be appreciated, they may not be exactly what your wife wants. For example, giving Mom the house all to herself while you distract the children is good in theory, but if the mother of your children is someone who enjoys being around people and spending quality time together, then it may not be the best plan. Keep in mind that you know your wife or partner better than anyone, meaning you know what she does to relax and what she enjoys. If she likes to spend time with people, then plan a celebration with all of the people she loves. If the mother of your children values words of affirmation, then have your children make cards or create a video where your children share what they love about their mom.

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing worse than waking up on Mother’s Day with nothing planned and seeing the look of disappointment on your partner’s face. It’s understandable that things happen, and one year you might forget about Mother’s Day, but there’s a good chance that you will never, ever make that mistake again.

One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t forget about Mother’s Day is to plan ahead. There are only so many days you can put off planning for the big day before it finally arrives, and while it might seem easier at the time to procrastinate, it won’t be worth the stress of trying to come up with something last minute. Do your future self a favor and come up with a plan in advance, even if that means setting multiple reminders on your calendar to get it done. Figure out how you want to celebrate the day and what you want to get your partner in the way of gifts. Planning ahead may not be the most fun at the moment, but you will definitely thank yourself when Mother’s Day arrives and you are completely prepared.

Save Chores and Daily Tasks for Another Day

Mother’s Day is all about pampering the mother of your children, but many mothers forget that they are supposed to be relaxing. Sundays are usually used for going grocery shopping or tidying up so that the house is clean for the rest of the week. Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, it may be difficult for your partner to break from the routine. Do your very best to ensure that she relaxes and doesn’t worry about any of the tasks at hand, even if that means going to the grocery store on a Saturday or getting up extra early to do the shopping while she’s still asleep. It may not be fun, but it will definitely be worth it!

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