A Guide to Celebrating Her First Mother’s Day

This year, someone you know and love will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mom. New moms love to celebrate every small milestone their baby makes, from their first step to their first word, but while they’re busy marking their child’s milestones, they may forget to celebrate their special day as a first-time mother! Whether she’s your wife, sister, daughter, or friend, be sure to acknowledge her first Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift and more.

Venus ET Fleur® wants to help you celebrate this special day with thoughtful and personalized gifts. For gift ideas she’ll treasure forever, be sure to check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Our luxurious, hand-crafted creations will be sure to make her smile on this exceptional holiday!

Have a Family Day

While Mother’s Day may be all about the mom, we guarantee that she’s only thinking about one thing: her baby! New moms experience all kinds of emotions on their very first Mother’s Day because it’s a day dedicated to appreciating how much love she gives her child. Even after a long work day and sleepless nights, a mother never stops being a superhero for her baby, and that’s what Mother’s Day is all about.

Rather than assuming she wants to spend her time alone, plan a day to celebrate motherhood with the baby! Give her an hour to snuggle her baby on the couch, as you prepare breakfast for the whole family. As you all munch together, make sure to photograph this event, so you can look back on this day with fondness.

le clair vingt cinq roses in acrylic box

After Mother’s Day is over, develop your photos and wrap them up in a lovely bow. Place them inside the drawer of a Lé Clair Vingt-Cinq arrangement. Made with 25 hand-picked Eternity® Roses, this arrangement is the perfect gift to give with the photos of her first Mother’s Day celebration. The sleek, clear acrylic drawer is large enough to hold other treasures and more photos of future milestones to come. This elegant display can be showcased on her bedside table as a daily reminder of how great of a mother she is, or more publicly on the living room coffee table, so guests can see the beautiful memories of her special day.

Relax and Reminisce

roses with photo album and journal

Break out the cozy robes and soft throw blankets, and spend some quality time with your wife, sister, or daughter reminiscing about her pregnancy, the baby’s birth, and all the stories that came afterwards. Now’s a good time to bring out the photo albums and the baby journals and talk about all of the happy memories she’s made since learning that she’d become a mother.

If you’re unable to celebrate with the new mom on her special day, then look through your phone or photo album and see if you have any pictures or videos of her and her baby, whether it was before birth or after. Compile all of the photos and videos together into a USB drive and send it out with a gorgeous Small Round White Classic arrangement. When her gift arrives, be sure to set up a video call with her so you can both spend some time laughing at all the great memories you share.

Get Symbolic

large square rose arrangement with mini petite rose

A thoughtful gift lasts forever in a woman’s heart.

Personalize a Large Square classic arrangement in her favorite color, and order a matching Lé Petit piece. When she receives the gifts, tell her to place the gifts anywhere in the house, so long as the arrangements are placed next to one another.

Each rose in the larger arrangement symbolizes a wonderful quality about her. The petite arrangement symbolizes how any one of the baby’s lovable traits stem from her. The Mini Square arrangement is a miniature version of the Large Square, just as her baby is a miniature version of her.

Breakfast for Dinner

breakfast with rose arrangement centerpiece

As soon as your baby enters the world, your day-to-day routines are turned upside-down and inside-out. Your sleep schedule and eating schedule don’t make much sense, but you still learn to accept the drastic changes in your life. For new mothers, having a breakfast-for-dinner celebration is a fun tribute to a new mom’s jumbled life.

Skip the boring pancakes and bacon and look up creative breakfast recipes. Bake a sweet potato quiche or a cinnamon-apple french toast casserole! When setting the table, remember to light a few candles (as it is dinner-time), and place a few lovely flower arrangements around the table to elevate the meal. You no longer have to limit your table to one centerpiece; add a few smaller arrangements around the table for a fuller look. Mix-and-match Mini Round Blush Suede pieces with Mini Round White Classic pieces for a Instagram-worthy table set up.

Help your wife, sister, daughter, or friend celebrate her first Mother’s Day with lots of love and joy. Send her your blessings with Venus ET Fleur’s collection of high-quality Real Roses That Last A Year®. Each arrangement is sure to make a lasting statement. Browse our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more inspiration!