A Graduation Celebration With Venus ET Fleur

Do you have a special graduate preparing to receive his or her diploma this spring? Graduation is a special time to honor the hard work and dedication that determined students have put into their work and celebrate the road ahead. Whether it is an exciting job, continued education, or an exciting journey into the unknown up ahead, commemorate the commitment to furthering his or her education with a beautiful Eternity™ rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. Packaged in gorgeous custom boxes available in multiple colors, shapes, and designs, our incredibly vibrant roses are full of life and will last up to an entire year! The happy graduate will be able to bring them to color to decorate his or her dorm room, or they’ll be the perfect decor for a first home away from home. You can also customize our rose arrangements to reflect whatever vision or design you imagine. If you can dream up an idea, we can make it for you! You’ll be sure to thrill the lucky recipient with a beautiful rose arrangement sent right to his or her doorstep! If you’re searching for the perfect, thoughtful gift that will be sure to thrill an excited grad, check out our awesome site today and create the perfect Eternity™ rose arrangement! Shop our site now!

School Colors

Probably the best choice for an elated grad, a rose arrangement in the college-bound grad’s school colors will be sure to excite and and amaze him or her. With our easily customizable boxes and arrangements, you can choose the shade, design, print, and texture of the box and then go on to pick the two or three shades of the college or private institution that the graduate has chosen. The ideal baccalaureate gift, a college-themed rose arrangement will incite screams of joy and disbelief when the lid of the box is removed and he or she sees the colors of the roses perfectly designed. Better yet, creating an arrangement in the hues that the student has recently been accepted to is a perfect surprise and way to tell the graduate. If he or she is still waiting upon an acceptance letter and you happen to find out before him or her, rather than simply handing a letter or packet to him or her, why not make an event out of a huge milestone with an Eternity™ rose arrangement! He or she will remember this moment for the rest of his or her life and it will mean even more that you took the time to choose an awe-inspiring rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur. He or she won’t be able to stop posting it on his or her social media pages and it will bring a gorgeous and unexpected element to any dorm room decor. While traditional flowers are beautiful, there is nothing like opening a gorgeous Venus ET Fleur box to find jaw-dropping, colorful roses that will last up to a year. Thrill the graduate and honor his or her dedication to completing school with a dazzling delivery from the premiere luxury rose arrangement company, Venus ET Fleur.

Sorority/Fraternity Colors

Getting into college is extremely thrilling, but for some students, going Greek is equally as exciting. If your lucky Potential New Member (PNM) gets lucky on bid day and is accepted by his or her dream Greek house, send him or her a celebratory Eternity™ rose arrangement in his or her house’s colors! Being initiated is a dream come true for so many Greek hopefuls, so continue the fairytale feeling with one of our stunning rose arrangements. One of the best elements of our stunning rose arrangements is that our boxes, roses, and other details are totally customizable. A few clicks on our website will prove that you can essentially create anything that you see in your dreams! If you’re a little confused or stumped where to start, a few popular ideas for Venus ET Fleur arrangements include:

The Ombré Collection: always stylish and a perfect way to display a wide shade range, from pastel to vibrantly saturated. Currently, we offer pink, yellow-red, purple, and blue-green, but if you have a specific color range that you desire, you can certainly choose a custom design that perfectly fits your vision. The beauty of The Ombré Collection is that it’s the ideal choice for a recipient that loves classic design or a funky choice for someone who likes to think outside the box.

Lé Clair™ Collection: Our newest and limited edition collection, the Lé Clair™ Collection showcases our stunning Eternity™ roses in modern clear acrylic boxes. These are the perfect choice for the newly initiated sorority or fraternity member who loves design and contemporary elements. Since this box is so incredibly beautiful, it will also make an ideal container for college mementos and souvenirs! Anyone who receives this gorgeous box on his or her doorstep will be sure to be astonished by the exclusive collection and incredible quality of our dazzling Eternity™ roses.

Marble Collection: Add an air of formality and elegance to your gift with our Marble Collection. The marvelous marble boxes are the perfect detail for the trendy and fashionable sorority girl or fraternity guy. Even though our ravishing roses can last for up to a year, the marble box can be kept for decades, holding notes, special pieces from a college career, and other mementos that will be a fun walk down memory lane even after college has long past. Check out our custom designs to perfectly choose the arrangement that will delight the lucky new initiate and add even more excitement to such a special and meaningful moment and experience.

More Exciting Options from Venus ET Fleur

If you want to offer a celebratory gesture to the proud family of the baccalaureate, include them in your order from Venus ET Fleur! A flower delivery is exciting, but opening a Venus ET Fleur box is an absolutely thrill! Send a box filled with Eternity™ roses in the perfect shade that will compliment the decor of the graduate’s family. With our wide array of choices and colors, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! On top of everything, we also include a gorgeous quality stationery card so you can include a special and heartfelt message. Don’t stress out trying to find a gift that will honor the occasion and be a unique choice. When you send Venus ET Fleur, you’re sending the absolute best in the luxury flower business, and the charmed recipient will be enchanted by the gift, presentation, and your thoughtfulness.

If you’re trying to choose graduate gifts for upcoming parties and excited graduates, order from Venus ET Fleur today and you’ll be able to check those important things off of your agenda. With incredible options and fabulous customer service, Venus ET Fleur is the only place to order Eternity™ roses. After all, we started long before many of our competitors and preserve our roses perfectly so they can last up to a year without any maintenance or watering. Thrill a special graduate in our life with a custom and thoughtfully design rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur and honor his or her commitment to hard work and dedication! Don’t delay! Graduation season is rapidly approaching! Order your Venus ET Fleur Eternity™ rose arrangements now!