8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

The Venus et Fleur® Valentine’s Day collection contains unique eternity® floral arrangements that, when gifted, symbolize your heart’s intent. Whether your Valentine is a partner, friend, or someone you admire, you’re sure to discover a gift they’ll desire. Explore our gift guide below for luxurious eternity flowers and gifts any Valentine will cherish.

Couple With a Large Red Le Plein and Red Round Grandiose Rose Arrangements

8 Creative, Romantic, and Custom Gifts for Your Valentine

Express your true emotion by giving an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift this year. Explore our top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the one that captures your heart.

1. Warm Your Valentine with a New, Plush Coat

Show your sweetheart you care by gifting a warm, plush coat. Whether it's a leather coat or a faux fur ensemble, your loved one will swoon over this fashionable Valentine’s Day gift. Choose a coat that features their favorite design, pattern, or color to add a thoughtful touch. Your loved one will remember you all winter while remaining warm in this stylish gift.

2. An Arrangement of Roses

Present your Valentine with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s a gorgeous arrangement of eternity roses or a single long-stem rose, your sweetheart will adore our flowers that last a year or longer. Giving red roses on Valentine’s Day is a Victorian-era trend that has since become a romantic floral tradition. At Venus et Fleur, this language of love is available in many styles. Choose a pink rose bouquet or long stem roses to display the desires of your heart this Valentine’s Day.

3. Luxurious Bath Products

Pamper your Valentine with the gift of tranquility. Bath products such as mineral salts, handmade soap, rich lotion, and frothy bubble bath ease stress and provide aromatic benefits that your Valentine will adore. Select a custom fragrance or theme and nestle the bath products into a beautifully woven basket. Add one of our luxe candles and a book by their favorite author for an extra special touch.

A luxurious bathrobe is another gift that may also impart Valentine’s Day serenity. Our plush, white bathrobe is designed to fit all figures, and features the classic Venus et Fleur logo. Pair this gift with your chosen bath products or one of our Valentine’s Day eternity flower arrangements to create an unforgettable surprise. This gift is a thoughtful gesture that pampers your partner’s mind, body, and spirit.

4. Gift an Evening of Guilty Pleasures

Valentine’s Day is a time to spend with those you cherish. Whether it’s a planned date night or a romantic gift exchange, displaying your affection creates lasting memories for you and your Valentine. Create your own at-home paradise by planning an evening of activities for two. Below, you’ll discover suggestions for enjoying an evening of relaxation on Valentine’s Day.

- Prepare a luxurious bubble bath. Include champagne, fruits, chocolates, and candles.

- Savor your favorite cuisine. From an upscale home-cooked meal for two, to Valentine’s Day chocolates, food is a sensorial experience worth explore.

- Create a sanctuary of love. Gather plush pillows and blankets, light a few candles, and play a collection of soft music. Set the stage for a playful night for two, while allowing the night to steal you away.

- Indulge in a sensual gift exchange. Our Ivory Dentelle Classic Box arrangement is perfect for evoking mystery and romance.

- Tailor the evening to ensure every sacred moment is special for your Valentine.

Various Heart-Shaped Eternity Rose Arrangements

5. Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet chocolates are the ideal gift for any Valentine. Every unique filling inside each decadent treat provides a sensorial experience of satisfaction and exploration that your Valentine will love. Venus et Fleur Valentine’s Day chocolates offer a sweet indulgence in 6 or 12 pieces for any loved one to savor.

6. Luxury Candles

Fragrances are celebrated for their ability to intertwine memory and emotion, creating timeless moments. Comforting aromas impart joyful experiences, inspire relaxation, and aid in the release of everyday stress. Add an alluring touch to the aura of your home with the luxurious fragrance of a new candle. Candles add a warm, ambient glow, and set the tone for romantic evenings and cherished moments. Our hand-poured Venus et Fleur rose-inspired candles are fashioned in ceramic vessels, and deliver the aromatic bliss of quality perfume oils from around the world. Your Valentine will savor the deep floral fragrances, while delighting in memories made along the way.

7. The Gift of Self Care

Perhaps the best Valentine’s Day gift isn’t one of a romantic nature, but rather one that permits the indulgent act of self-care. These gifts deliver the message of appreciation and your love of their hard work and daily sacrifices. Explore our collection of luxurious lounge items, fragrances, and eternity flower arrangements, as well as our limited-edition Valentine’s Day gift sets for self-care gifts to brighten your Valentine's Day.

8. Something that Sparkles

Perhaps you desire to elevate your relationship this Valentine’s Day. Whether you plan to propose an engagement, or transform a friendship into something more, a gift that sparkles is sure to delight. Diamond jewelry, luxury watches, or a new vehicle are gifts designed for expressing grand gestures of your love.

Add an extra special touch by accessorizing any extravagant gift with a Venus et Fleur eternity floral arrangement. Our arrangements deliver sophistication and expert craftsmanship in every design. The Le Plein Heart, The Heart of Venus, and the Grandiose De Venus are unforgettable arrangements your Valentine will swoon over.

Various Large Eternity Rose Arrangements With Custom Messages

Give Unique, Luxury Gifts with Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur provides luxury roses and preserved eternity flowers of the highest quality. Our eternity arrangements last one year or longer, and require little to no maintenance. Expect an impeccable flower delivery every time you order, including during our busiest times of the year such as Valentine’s Day.

We encourage you to explore all of our luxury gifts and flower arrangements, including our Valentine’s Day collection, to discover the perfect gift for your Valentine this year.