7 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your bridesmaids have been there for you at every milestone of your wedding journey. From celebrating your engagement, throwing you a dreamy bachelorette party, to being there as you get ready to walk down the aisle, they have been there for it all. 

Turn the spotlight on them and show your appreciation and love by putting together a thoughtful bridesmaids gift basket or gift box. The best gifts are the ones that show you put special consideration into them. We have gathered our top bridesmaid gift ideas that will serve a purpose, whether that is to help relax and beautify or a memento to cherish for years to come. 

1. Silk, Silk, and More Silk 

Shopping for matching outfits to wear while getting ready for your wedding ceremony? You can never go wrong with a set of matching silk pajamas. Cool in both airiness and style, an elegant pajama set is sure to be one of the best bridesmaid gifts ever received. You don’t have to stop at pajamas, either.  

To help get some much-deserved beauty sleep before your big day, treat your gorgeous bridesmaids to a silk eye mask to block out the early morning sunlight. Another great bridesmaid gift that they will be sure to reuse is a patterned silk robe to wear while everyone gets their hair and makeup done. What bridesmaid wouldn’t love a posh silk robe to lounge in style?

You can also personalize each robe or pajama set with the wedding date and the bridesmaid’s initials sewn in. It is a gift option that comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so there is sure to be something for everyone. 

If your wedding is taking place either outdoors or in the evening, a super soft silk pashmina is a glamorous and elegant way to say thank you to the bridesmaids who were there for you throughout your milestone experience. Coordinate colors with their chosen bridesmaid dress to add an extra special touch to their final looks. 

Go the extra mile and sew each bridesmaid’s initials in a corner to make each one special and uniquely theirs. This is a gift that can be worn and re-worn again and will forever and always remind them of this special day.

2. Luxurious Pampering Kit 

If you are looking to give your bridesmaids the gift of relaxation, a great gift idea is a spa set. Add a fancy lip exfoliator and moisturizer, eye masks, face masks, and face serum to rehydrate after your big day of fun. Your bridesmaids will be radiant and glowing long after the special day. 

If you know they have a bathtub, add in some aromatic bath bombs. Help your bridesmaids relax the morning of the wedding with a rose quartz or jade face roller that will relieve puffiness and prep their skin for a flawless wedding look. Available in a variety of entrancing scents, an aromatherapy candle that is personalized to each bridesmaids scent palette is a perfect custom gift for each person. 

Treating your bridesmaids to a relaxing, at-home spa experience is a great way to express sincere gratitude for their participation in your big day. Add some calming bath salts to create an even more peaceful bath. A special blend of sea salts, Himalayan salts, and Epsom salts will work in unison to detoxify and relax sore muscles after a night of dancing and celebration. A sweet-smelling serum set will provide everything your bridesmaid will need to start off their morning feeling fresh and fabulous. 

3. Classic Clutch 

Personalize a stunning clutch with each bridesmaids’ initials. Not only will it come in handy for your wedding, but it will also prove useful for future nights out. Every time they put their phone and keys in it, they will always think of you. It is hard to find the perfect clutch for a wedding, so solve a classic problem by providing this lux answer, perfect for every fancy occasion. 

4. Paying for the Bridesmaid Dress 

It’s no secret that there are many costs involved when it comes to performing bridesmaid duties. While it may not fit in a gift basket, covering the cost of their bridesmaid dresses makes at least one part of their job a lot easier. 

Even if they do not end up re-wearing the dress, it will still be a big expense off of their shoulders. There are many websites that provide stunning and gorgeous looks in a variety of styles, color schemes, and price points. 

5. Stunning Flowers That Will Last 

At Venus ET Fleur®, the Love Locks Box is a special love treasure box filled with Stunning Eternity® Roses. These are Real Roses That Last A Year®. The keepsake piece is a luxurious lockbox inspired by the “Love Locks” on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France.

This gift is totally customizable with the option of engraving two characters for a stunning and meaningful gift for your bridesmaids. All of our arrangements are uniquely handmade by our in-house designers. This Parisian-inspired trunk will seal the deal that your friendship is one that is built to last. 

If you are looking to make a chic and simple statement, the Le Clair Un is a beautiful option to choose to add to your bridesmaid gift box. There are over twenty colors to choose from, along with four different box styles. Add a greeting card thanking them for their part in your special day. 

The Le Clair Un features a stunning Eternity Rose encased in a sleek and clear acrylic case that will simultaneously protect the rose while displaying its true beauty. The newest additions to the collection are the Le Clair Un Hexagon and Le Clair Un Round, which are unique and eye-catching cases that are shaped like a hexagon and a round, elegant circle. These simple treasures will make any space feel sophisticated and lovely. It is the perfect gift for anyone you love that will last.

6. Accessories for Your Jewelry 

If you are looking to gift something that is both a keepsake, practical and useful, a great gift option would be monogramming jewelry travel cases. This is something that everyone needs, but not everyone would think to treat themselves to. It will come in handy when packing for your wedding day, not to mention all the fun getaways and vacations to come. This will keep all rings, necklaces, and bracelets from getting tangled or lost. 

A beautiful and thoughtful gift that would make a great addition to any gift set is a thoughtfully chosen ring and trinket dish. This is something that everyone could always use, as there is always a spot that could benefit from a detailed artistic dish. Choose each one based on each bridesmaid personally, whether that be customized to the constellation of their zodiac sign or just in their favorite color. This is a versatile gift option that will beautify any space. 

7. Personalized Stationery 

If some of your bridesmaids still appreciate the art of a handwritten note, then they will most definitely appreciate receiving a set of personalized stationery. This thoughtful gift will always be useful, and choosing a stunning design that reflects your bridesmaids’ style will show an extra special level of consideration and care. You can never have too much stationery. It will make all future thank you notes stylish and chic. 

In Conclusion 

From candles to elegant nightwear, our favorite thank-you presents have something for everyone. The best bridesmaid’s gifts are the ones that feel special and personal, and putting together a collection of special goods is a touching way to express your gratitude. Whether you ultimately go gift box or gift basket, you will absolutely deliver an unforgettable unwrapping experience for your bridesmaids. The possibilities are endless! 



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