5 Luxuriously Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

A bridesmaid’s role is to help the bride-to-be with wedding preparations and events leading up to the big day. For this reason, you need to express gratitude with a bridesmaid gift they’ll cherish.

Venus et Fleur® makes the perfect, memorable bridesmaid gift. We offer a variety of unique and luxurious eternity® roses that make a lasting impression. Our long-lasting flowers and luxury gift selections are elegant offerings they’ll admire for years. The following personalized gift ideas will perfectly define how much your bridesmaid means to you.

A Unique Rose Le Petit Arrangement With a Victorian Inspired Print

Unique and Creative Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Customarily, a bride presents their bridesmaid with a gift during the rehearsal dinner to thank them for their efforts. While it’s not uncommon to give a gift tied to the wedding, it’s essential to provide them with a personalized gift that puts their bridesmaid status on display. The following bridesmaid gifting options are unique and creative ways to incorporate both.

Luxurious Robes and Linens

We recommend giving your bridesmaids a soft, plush robe as a luxury gift that serves a purpose on the wedding day and long after. Matching robes are versatile and can be used as a prop for a fun photoshoot or given with surprise spa accommodations.

Custom Jewelry

A piece of beautiful, personalized bridesmaid jewelry serves as a timeless gift for your wedding party. Design coordinating, customized sets of necklaces, bracelets, or earrings for a sentimental memento. This jewelry will be a keepsake they cherish for years to come.

Examples include:

- A bridesmaid necklace featuring their initials

- Bridesmaid bracelets with personalized charm choices

- Matching rings incorporating the wedding colors, respective birthstone, or hobby

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Sets

Give several small presents to create the perfect bridesmaid’s gift set. Choose a theme to add unique flare and structure to your gift.

Consider the following creative gift set themes:

  • Destination Sets - Include swimwear or luxurious sweaters, snorkel or ski passes, fine gifts from your destination location, and personalized personal care items
  • Travel Sets - Include travel necessities such as luxurious bath and skincare items, luxury candles, small framed photos, or a bottle of wine to make their temporary stay more comfortable
  • Bachelorette Sets - Include gifts such as sensual products, wine bottle openers, self-care gifts, and something sentimental from your single, adventurous days together


Candles and flowers also make a great accent to the rest of your bridesmaid gift arrangement. Each will elevate any room with a radiant glow and pleasant fragrance and are the perfect pairing for bath products and travel gift sets.

Venus et Fleur Le Petits & Le Mini flower arrangements and hand-poured votives are an effortless choice for luxurious bridesmaid gifts.

Beautiful Le Petit Rose Arrangements in front of Classic Small Squares

Spa Days, Yacht Rentals, & Weekend Getaways

If your bridal party favors travel, then an all-expense paid trip or outing may be the unique bridal party gift idea for you. Whether you plan something at your wedding destination or beforehand somewhere else, a getaway is the perfect way to have one last day or weekend with your friends.

Consider the following ideas:

  • A Spa Day - Massages, manicures, pedicures, facial masks, and matching robes are luxury gifts your bridesmaids will love. Include wine tastings, yoga classes, or natural hot spring locations for a luxurious, pampering experience.
  • Yacht Rental - Whether for a day or weekend, spend an expense-paid trip with catering and luxurious accommodations while being near the ocean for an upscale bridesmaid getaway treat.
  • Weekend Getaway - If the ocean isn’t near you or for you, a long weekend away in the mountains, a favorite city, or a music or wine festival is an excellent option for creating memories.
  • Wine Country - Choose an Airbnb or other accommodation in wine country for a relaxing getaway. Enjoy spa treatments, wine tastings, and a quiet weekend in the beautiful countryside for a peaceful affair.


Finally, give your bridesmaids a keepsake gift to complete the weekend. Gifts such as framed photos of your adventure, a bottle of wine, or an eternity flower arrangement offer the finishing touch to the perfect getaway.

Customized Eternity Flower Arrangements

Gift something grand as a memento of your friendship and shared time with luxurious roses and eternity flowers that last at least a year or more. Venus et Fleur bouquets and flower boxes are customizable by rose color, flower box or vessel, personalized message, and more. A personalized flower gift may be the most thoughtful arrangement they ever receive.

Consider the following Venus et Fleur gifting options:

  • Eternity rose displays in the bridal suite or hotel - Showcase large flower boxes, Le Plein arrangements, and other grandiose flower arrangements in their hotel room or as a stunning bridal suite entryway display.
  • Le Petit Table Settings - From centerpieces to accent pieces, it's common to see wedding and gift tables decorated with flowers. Le Petit arrangements in round or square flower boxes are a gift that make an elegant presentation as bridal party table decor as well.
  • Le Grand and Le Mini Displays - The L’alphabet letter arrangements are versatile decor. Present Le Minis as gifts with Le Grand eternity rose arrangements to present the bridal party room accommodations or as a thank-you gift.


Your bridesmaids will be captivated by the personalized rose colors, messages, and floral vessels you choose for each stunning eternity floral arrangement. Each bridesmaid gift will serve as a reminder of your special day.

Design the perfect gift for your bridesmaid by customizing a Venus et Fleur flower box online or visiting one of our flower boutiques in Los Angeles, New York City, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

Le Plein Rose Arrangement With Personalized Card or Invitation

Bridesmaid Gifts and Wedding Flowers from Venus et Fleur

The gift you choose should represent your friendship, love, and support and make your bridesmaids feel appreciated. Few gifts stand as vibrant as eternity roses and flower arrangements that last a year or more. For the perfect, personalized bridesmaid gift and wedding decor, choose eternity flowers from Venus et Fleur.