5 Luxurious Ways to Decorate Your Home - The Foyer

Bring Style And Class To Your Foyer With Venus ET Fleur®

The foyer is one of the first places that friends and loved ones enter, yet it’s one of the most overlooked and forgotten spaces — but not with Venus ET Fleur’s help! Bring your entertaining to life and help leave your guest’s troubles at the door. 

Your entryway can be inviting or it can be just another space that people pass through, but with the right aesthetics and interior design, your foyer can be transferred with something as simple as flowers. 

Venus ET Fleur can help you refresh your foyer year after year with Eternity® Roses and Mixed Eternity™ Flowers. Our floral arrangements are like no other — they last an entire year to keep your entryway beautiful and chicly styled. Draw your family and friends in with Venus ET Fleur. 

Styling Your Foyer

Foyers are a bustling part of any dwelling, whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large single-family home. This is a focal point that is used for coming and going — meeting up with friends for a night in with your favorite glass of red wine or taking your dog out for its daily stroll — it’s a high traffic area in your home. 

This may be the place where shoes reside or it may be a nook that has so much design promise. Where do you begin in creating a foyer that follows your design aesthetics while filling it with eye-catching blooms from Venus ET Fleur? 

Each foyer looks a little different depending on your design aesthetic — some people love clean, fresh lines of a modern entryway, while others are more traditional and like furnishings with ornate details and a wide variety of luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk. No matter what interior design style you’re working with, Venus ET Fleur has a floral arrangement that parallels it. 

Foyer Staple Pieces

There are a few tried and true staple pieces that most people have in their foyer, but the rest can be left up to your design tastes. Many foyers have small tables, shelves, mirrors, lighting, and statement rugs or runners as the foundation of this area. 

Once a cohesive design is established through these staple pieces, the flowers are ready for their entrance!

Maison Collection

The Maison Collection are floral arrangements that fuse well with any design motif. From the clean lines of the porcelain vase to the whites and creams of the Mixed Eternity Flowers, this melds perfectly with a modern home aesthetic. 

The Serene Vase and Allura Vase floral arrangements come standard in a handcrafted porcelain vase that’s rectangular shaped — perfect for elongated and lengthening small foyers. Place them symmetrically for a more traditional look or keep the space more minimal with one arrangement. 

The Thalia Vase and Fleura Vase floral arrangements come in a round porcelain vase for shabby chic and country aesthetics. These also look amazing in traditional decor, in addition to offering a romantic tone garnered with opulence. These arrangements help cultivate height and would look great in a foyer with vaulted ceilings. 

Each of the Mixed Eternity Flower arrangements has white and cream-colored flowers combined with your choice of lavender, pink, or pure white Eternity Roses. 

Also available in the Maison Collection are our Eternity Roses and Eternity™ Hedera Leaves — pair out chic and elegant Eternity Roses with a hint of our green Eternity Hedera Leaves for an arrangement that is striking yet graceful. 

If our Eternity Roses are some of your favorite things, we do vases filled with Real Roses That Last A Year®. Choose your favorite color of roses and have them expertly styled into one of our square or round porcelain vases — perfect to display in front of your foyer artwork!  

Suede Collection

No foyer is complete without Real Rose That Last A Year! Usher luxury to your senses without Suede Collection. Forget having to have a local florist on call to replace your arrangement every other week, and embrace the eternal flowers from Venus ET Fleur that last for a whole year. There’s no fuss and no maintenance, just beautiful and elegant blooms. 

The Suede Collection can grace your foyer in a variety of sizes from large, small, and Le mini square to large, small, and Le mini round. For the smallest offering in the Suede Collection, there is a Le petit square. 

The colors in this collection are both traditional and romantic — it flirts with classic with a touch of femininity. Choose from suede box colors including blush suede, pink, grey, black, white, emerald, and blue.  

Each box is filled with as many as 42 to 49 Eternity Roses to as quaint as four — each box works with a different home style. Create a textured rose display on your foyer table with a variety of arrangements — mix a couple of Le Petit with the small square arrangement or intersperse the small round arrangements for a table that overflows with florals! 

Alternate different colored suede boxes such as grey and blush pink, or keep the color of boxes uniform while alternating the Eternity Roses — gold, lilac, orange, and beyond! There are over 20 colors to choose from. 

With a chosen color palette, you can even customize a pattern. From a traditional solid rose pattern and checkered to numbers, stripes, and shapes, there is a floral style that will heighten every foyer.   

With the Suede Collection, you can truly show your creative prowess. Venus ET Fleur offers so many customizable options to create a foyer that’s more than just an entryway — it’s a portal into your chic and elegant dwelling. 

Gorgeously Furnish Your Foyer With Venus ET Fleur!

From our Maison to Suede Collections, we have Real Flowers That Last A Year, making your foyer a beautiful sight and not just another high-traffic area in your home. Entertain opulence while you invite your friends and family into your home. 

Create the best floral arrangements and flood your home with florals! Shop Venus ET Fleur today!