4 of the Best Birthday Gifts for Her


Are you looking for the best birthday gifts for the woman of your dreams? She will certainly appreciate a well thought out gift, so why not give her flowers this year? They can represent many different emotions, and Venus ET Fleur® products always look gorgeous.

When we think of giving flowers as a gift, we tend to think of Valentine’s Day or anniversaries as the only days when we can do that. However, birthdays make for the perfect special occasion, and our arrangements are the perfect way to show that you care about her.

Customization Options

A personalized birthday gift is the best way to show someone that you love them. Choose their favorite colors, birth colors, or colors that represent a feeling as a way to honor the special woman in your life. You can send her happy birthday wishes with flowers that will bloom until her next birthday with our special Eternity® Roses.

When customizing these arrangements, think about what colors you see her surrounding herself with daily. All of the best birthday gifts include a lot of thought and care put into them, so you can use our custom options to show that you pay attention to her and that she is always on your mind.

These are our favorite birthday rose options; all of them can be personalized to your heart’s content! Let us get started.

Small Le Plein

This timeless and classic design consists of an arrangement of 54 to 58 beautiful Eternity Roses that are placed in Parisian-inspired boxes. Our classic hot box design is well-known and sure to attract the attention of her party guests.

This simple and rounded design also makes for a perfect centerpiece at any birthday party. Plus, we have many color options, so you are sure to find one that matches the theme of her event. 

You might also choose to surprise her on her special day by having the flowers sent to her workplace or school. She will be sure to love receiving these beautiful roses when she least expected it.

This design looks wonderful when used with classic colored roses, but do not be afraid to check out all the shades we have available and create something that truly speaks to you. She will appreciate the thought you put into it.

What are the Best Roses to Tell Her Happy Birthday?

If you need to know what the best happy birthday colors are, we have got you covered. Of course, red is perfect for reminding your significant other that you love her on her birthday— but what about the other colors?

No matter where you are in your relationship, you can be sure to find a color and type of flower that represents your current feelings. For example, a peach-colored rose can be used to express your gratitude towards her and show her that you feel genuine towards her.

Yellow roses are best for friendships, and white roses are best if you want to subtly tell your girlfriend that you want to get married someday. However, you can always pick any color of rose that you know she will like. She will love to see that you pay attention to her and know what her preferences are. 

The best birthday gifts show that you are always thinking of her, so be sure to put some extra care into designing your bouquet!

Le Clair Cinq

This gift is the perfect option for a birthday present if you have something extra that you want to include with it. The box’s design has a drawer for treasures to be placed in and consists of 5 ethereal Eternity Roses. 

This is an amazing gift to receive, especially if the bottom compartment has a present inside. It can fit jewelry boxes or other smaller gifts, making it the perfect place to hide a ring or some other personal gift.

You could even choose to match the colors of the roses to the colors of the jewelry. For example, if you got her a pink necklace, you could go the extra mile by making sure that the flowers were pink as well. They might serve as a small hint to what is inside the drawer below.

The see-through box that the five flowers are placed in serves as a window to them while still protecting the petals from dust. The Eternity Roses will last an exceptionally long time when inside the box and taken care of properly. Plus, when she opens the lid, she will be able to smell the wonderful scent of roses.

If you want to give that special someone an amazing birthday present this year, then consider this as one of your main options. It works perfectly if you want to include a second gift or special note with the flower arrangement.

Why the Drawer?

The convenient little storage drawer works perfectly with any birthday flower arrangement set. If you want to give her flowers, plus a small gift, then it works out perfectly. She can also store her treasures in the box and be reminded of your feelings when she sees the roses on top.

Jewelry and flowers go well together, as they can both represent natural beauty and be an expression of gratitude. She will be sure to love whatever little treasure you decide to store away in the drawer for her to find.

If jewelry isn’t her style, consider including a sweet treat or a heartfelt note. The drawer is perfect for a cute and meaningful birthday gift as well, which she would be sure to appreciate! 

Sylvie Vase

This simple vase is beautiful and contains 5 Eternity Roses plus vivacious hedera leaves. If you want to add some more brightness and life to her birthday, then this elegant vase will do just that. 

She can bring it with her to the office or place it on a side table. The arrangement is small, but a constant reminder of the beautiful things in her life. All of Venus ET Fleur's arrangements are meticulously arranged by our skilled floral designers and placed into handcrafted porcelain vases. Because of this, you can be sure that every piece will be unique and special in its own way.

The Maison Collection

The Sylvie Vase is a part of the Maison Collection, where the vases are handcrafted and embody our love for artisans with attention to detail. Our collection was inspired by classic Roman architecture, making it the perfect gift for any art lover’s birthday.

She will be sure to appreciate our thoughts behind the collection and be reminded of her favorite ancient statues every time that she sees your wonderful gift. The goddess Venus was a huge inspiration for this collection, giving the pieces a sense of her femininity, so your special lady will be sure to love it. 

Small Square Box

Our Small Square Arrangement is classic and consists of 16 luxurious Eternity Roses that can serve as a sophisticated birthday gift for the woman in your life. The colors again can be personalized to your tastes. With so many options, you can be sure to find one that suits her the best.

Do not forget that you can also alternate between colors and create unique designs that she is sure to enjoy. If she has a specific color theme for her party, then you can match it and make this gift truly stand out to her.

The simple box shape keeps the focus on the beautiful petals and makes it a perfect centerpiece for any occasion.

What Does the Rose Represent?

Roses are often seen as a symbol of passion and love. This started in ancient times when the Greeks and Romans would offer flowers to their goddesses at a temple, often to Aphrodite or Venus, the goddess of love. 

Eventually, flowers would be gifted to beautiful women, as a way of saying that they were goddesses on the earth. This evolved into why we give women flowers today— as a way to express our admiration and gratitude to them.

This traditional square box of roses can be used to say just that. If you want a classic way to tell the women in your life that you care about them, then this is it. They will surely appreciate and enjoy the wonderful and exquisite flowers that Venus ET Fleur uses in our arrangements.


Those were four of the best birthday gifts for her that we have to offer. All of our products are amazing in their own way, and she is sure to love whatever you choose for her.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. As long as she can see that you put thought into the gift that you got for her, she will appreciate and love it. What better way to do that than to send her a set of custom luxury roses? 

In short, Venus ET Fleur flowers make the best birthday gifts!

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