4 Amazing Anniversary Gifts for Her


Are you in search of the perfect gift for the special woman in your life? You should consider sending one of our beautiful Venus ET Fleur® flower arrangements her way. They come in a variety of bright colors, can be arranged in many patterns, and look absolutely stunning. 

Anniversaries are a special time that should be cherished and celebrated. Gifting flowers to the person that you spend the most time with is always a great idea.

Flowers pair well with any gift or occasion but are especially meaningful when received on your anniversary. These are some fantastic anniversary gifts for you to consider getting her for your anniversary this year.

Venus ET Fleur has many elegant products available that any woman will love, so let’s get started.

Custom Designed Rose Boxes

There is no better way to tell a woman you love and appreciate her than to create a gift from the heart. With our custom rose boxes, you can do just that. We have more than 20 colors of roses for you to pick from and 35 different designs.

You can write her a message in flowers or simply send them to her in the shape of a beautiful heart— you get to choose. The important woman in your life will love receiving a gift that you designed just for her.

Each box can contain a combination of letters, numbers, and shapes. Since our roses are Eternity® Roses, they can last up to a year without wilting and do not need to be watered. This means that your thoughtful gift could last her until your next anniversary. 

Our custom flower arrangements can be tailored to what you need and what you think your significant other would enjoy. If she loves bright, wonderful smelling roses, then a custom arrangement would be a great option for your special day.

4 Beautiful Ideas

We also have some other ideas for you to browse. If you want to give your partner a genuinely thoughtful gift that they will love this anniversary, then be sure to check out what we have for special occasions. You will be sure to find something that suits her perfectly.

We are going to briefly cover what we would recommend as a romantic gesture for your loved one. All of these choices can be personalized if you so choose:

Le Clair Grand Un

This piece includes a gorgeous gardenia encased in acrylic. The flower is sophisticated and can be used as an accent in many different settings. It works wonders at catching attention when displayed on a coffee or side table.

The single flower in the case allows you to study its beauty, and its scent will remind you of your anniversary every time you open the case. It truly is a simple, sophisticated, and gorgeous flower, and an amazing way to remind your significant other about how much you love her.

Accent flowers like this make great decorative pieces. You can be sure that she will keep it somewhere that everyone can see it. 

What the Gardenia Represents

The gardenia flower is meant to symbolize purity and is often used at weddings because of this. This makes them the perfect gift for any wedding anniversary if you want to show your loved one that you have appreciated your married time together.

If you are not married, the gardenia can be a fantastic gesture to suggest or express your interest in marriage. It can also symbolize secret love, joy, and gentleness— making them a wonderful gift for this special occasion.

Le Plein

This big, beautiful assortment of roses is a classic and elegant look. If you want a unique way to celebrate the years you have spent together, then this is it. Our Le Plein arrangements have between 140 and 150 roses in our hallmark Parisian-inspired boxes.

Like with many of our other rose products, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from for this bouquet. You can pick a color theme that is meaningful to your significant other and the time that you spent with each other.

This piece is an amazing way to demonstrate your love for her. She will simply enjoy having these flowers on display for all to see. 

Anniversary Colors

Did you know that there are traditional wedding anniversary colors? Your color depends on how many years you have been together, and you can decorate in that color for the day. She will appreciate being surrounded by a color that represents your love, with a beautiful bouquet to match it.

For example, gold or yellow is meant to represent your 1st anniversary together. Gold wrapping paper, yellow food or decorations, with a beautiful golden bouquet of roses as the centerpiece, would make your loved one extremely happy and create an amazing memory for her.

Fleura Vase

This vase is full of blooming roses that make the perfect anniversary gift. If you want to give her a sophisticated gesture of your undying love, gentleness, and gratitude, then this will be the ideal gift to express that.

You can customize these roses to match your special loved one’s favorite color or try going with one of the traditional anniversary colors. No matter what you pick, she is sure to love the bouquet.

This piece looks amazing when placed at the center of a table, making it an excellent gift for a party or special event as well. If you want to show her your appreciation, you can personalize the flowers in the vase to make it more from you.

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

The color of the rose that you give to a loved one is very important, as the color choices can mean very different things. Of course, you should not let that stop you from picking a beautiful arrangement made from your loved one’s favorite colors. 

For example, the classic red rose is meant to tell others that we love them romantically. They convey our passion and strong feelings towards that person. Other colors of roses represent different emotions or reactions.

A lavender rose represents enchantment and love at first sight, while a blue rose symbolizes mystery and desire. When choosing your colors, think carefully about what your significant other would enjoy and what colors can communicate a thoughtful message from you to her— she will be impressed!

Heart Box

Are you looking for something that says “I love you” in a classic way? A heart-shaped box is a great way to convey your love and appreciation to your partner. This shape is used to express love boldly and courageously. 

The Heart Box includes 36 fragrant roses that she will simply love. This classic and traditional design will be a reminder of your love every time that she sees it. This makes it one of the best anniversary gifts that you could give her this year.

The Heart Shape and Love

The heart shape is widely recognized as the universal symbol of romantic love. This is why this type of box is popular for Valentine’s gifts and anniversary presents. Red is the most common color of the heart shape, due to its connections to symbolizing passion and love as well.

If you want to give your significant other a gift that truly represents your love, then the Heart Box would be a great choice. With all of the symbolism behind the shape, she is sure to be reminded of your feelings whenever she sees this piece.

More Choices

While those are the four main anniversary products that we have to offer, that does not mean that you can only choose from them. We have plenty of other options for you to browse through and find something that your significant other will enjoy.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts! Making custom changes to the arrangements will show her that you care about making a design that she will love and making your day more personal to the two of you. 

Maybe she will love the beauty of the Florentina Vase. The elegant simplicity of a single rose is beautiful to many— not to mention that it smells amazing for a long time. She will love to display it somewhere she can view it often. 


Those were a few different amazing anniversary gifts for her. Flower arrangements always make the perfect gift for your anniversary, and you can say a lot with the style and color choices you make.

In short, if you want to show your significant other that you care for her deeply, then be sure to give her a beautiful bouquet this year. You can come up with many different ways to surprise her with your present on your special day. Doing so would make the day much more memorable to the two of you.

If you are overwhelmed with all of our options, do not be afraid to contact us. We would love to assist you. 

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