3 Luxurious Winter Décor and Flower Arrangement Ideas

Venus et Fleur® long-lasting roses and flower arrangements add sophisticated appeal to your winter and holiday home décor. Our eternity® roses are real flowers that last a year or more and require little to no maintenance. For winter floral décor that lasts throughout the season and into the new year, choose Venus et Fleur.

Golden Roses in Classic Square Arrangement Set Among the Snow

Flower Arrangements for Classic Winter Décor Themes

Home décor and styling options are transitional, and each design choice may enhance your mood or embrace the season. Our winter floral arrangements are a vibrant way to unify each quality and impart the essence of holiday cheer.

Winter Wonderland Arrangements

Simple, sophisticated winter decor begins with a theme. Design a winter wonderland by embracing the natural beauty of a cold winter night. Incorporate a seasonal colorway of grey, silver, blue, and black ornaments while adding classic warmth with elegant white lights.

Design a festive winter wedding dinner party with silver place settings and icy blue accents. Use traditional decorations like tinsel, holly, and decorative trees adorned in glistening shades of winter. Complete the look by adding custom eternity roses and flower arrangements as elegant centerpieces and accents.

Blue and White Flower Arrangement for Winter Wonderland or Hannukah Decor

A Roman Winter Affair

Embrace the warm colors of winter in various shades of Roman red and gold. This colorway blends effortlessly into a beige or neutral home colorway. Drape furniture and pillows in red, burgundy, maroon, and gold linens, or choose brass candlesticks or sconces to add a royal touch.

The Venus et Fleur Feu Cast Iron Vase is an elegant winter décor addition for any home. Display this eternity rose arrangement on your mantle or entryway table for a glowing statement piece. Choose classic flower boxes or holiday flower arrangements adorned in black, red, or gold for your table to create a luxe centerpiece.

Rustic Farmhouse Winter Arrangements

Few abodes feel more luxurious and warm than a beautifully finished home or cabin set among the snow, heated by a glowing fireplace. This ambient setting requires no less than a winter decor accentuating its beauty.

A simple yet elegant theme of silver and green beautifully accentuates this rustic environment. Like the Roman scheme, it coordinates beautifully amongst a wooden outlay and the sparkles in the light of a fire. Our Ela Marble Vase or marble print flower boxes customized in silver and green rose colors are perfect for your rustic winter home décor.

To magnify your cabin or home décor, perhaps already set for your winter vacations, colors such as pearl, champagne, gold, and rose gold blend effortlessly with shades of tan, beige, and brown you may already have in your home. Combined with a stone or smoky glass vase, these rose color combinations add timeless beauty to your winter home décor.

Golden Roses Great for Rustic or Roman Winter Décor

Gorgeous Winter Flower Arrangements for Your Decor

Venus et Fleur eternity flower arrangements are hand-arranged and designed with high quality and longevity in mind. Our winter flower arrangements last the entire season with the proper care and storage. Shop Venus et Fleur for sophisticated and luxurious eternity roses, floral arrangements, and personalized gifts.

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