10 Signs That Prove You're a Power Couple

What is a power couple, you ask? You will know them as soon as you see them.

It would seem that their relationship is perfect; each partner appears to thrive in their own respective careers and social lives, and in spite of—or because of—all of this, they still somehow manage to devote enough time and attention to each other. Often, they draw envy from those around them; they can seem almost like royalty, with their fancy apartment downtown and their flawlessly Instagrammed dinner dates. Instead of impeding one another’s potential, they each seem to bring out the very best in the other’s nature. It’s unmistakable and irrefutable—they’re a power couple.

We at Venus ET Fleur® are firm believers in having it all—friends and family, a fulfilling career, and a rewarding domestic life; having your cake and eating it too, health, wealth, and happiness. From Beyonce and Jay-Z to Antony and Cleopatra, we believe that power couples are exemplars of this philosophy, and we thought it would be fun and fascinating to peel back some of the curtains as to what makes these couples so powerful.

What Makes a Power Couple?

A power couple is born when two bright and ambitious individuals—people who are driven to success within their respective careers—unite into a relationship based on the empowerment of one another rather than dragging one another down for personal gain. It must be said now, however, that much of being a power couple relies simply on public perception.

Though you and your partner may have that incredible spark, common custom demands that, in order to be elevated to true power couple status, your friends (and followers) must agree on it.

With that said, let’s take a look at some signs that you and your partner might truly be a power couple.

1. You Prioritize Each Other Every Day

Most power couples are predictably quite busy since they are so starkly defined by success in many areas of life. However, this material fortune is continually underlied by the fact that they’ve mastered the art of prioritizing each other no matter how hectic their schedule becomes.

That’s because they, unlike so many of us, realize how vital it is to remain present and give each other their undivided attention, even if it’s just for twenty minutes on the busiest of days. This allows you to stay connected and continue to build emotional intimacy on a daily basis. You don't take each other for granted.

2. You Exercise Together

It’s no secret that exercise can help you manage your weight, improve sleep quality, increase your energy levels and psychological confidence, and assist in decreasing anxiety and depression. But established research has also discovered that couples who exercise together are more likely to stay together.

We find that couples who periodically give themselves over to physical challenges tend to feel more loving and satisfied in their relationships. Look at any couple that participates in a triathlon or Tough Mudder event and see the proof for yourself.

When you and your partner exercise together, you’re also prioritizing time spent together. You’re more likely to praise and uplift each other to work towards mutual and individual goals, resulting in an infinitely more supportive environment. And to top it all off, exercise has the added chemical bonus of releasing dopamine, which relieves stress and makes us feel joyful, and it’s a treat to be around a joyful, emotionally satisfied partner.

3. You Don’t Take Each Other for Granted

Part of being in a power couple means maintaining your individual strength and avoiding dependency. This also involves having the consideration to forgive and make up for your partner’s flaws or weaknesses and trusting them to do the same for you.

4. People Tell You So (Or, the Instagram Effect)

Has one of your friends ever rolled their eyes at the practically storybook perfection of your relationship, but in the same breath, followed it up with a sincere compliment about just how lucky you two are? Or, when you two post a picture together, do scores of friends, family, and followers comment with gushing well-wishes, some perhaps ringing with notes of envy?

If you receive dozens of comments expressing to you how much they love your look, your style, how you two just seem to fit, you may already be a power couple.

5. Your Friends Come to You for Relationship Advice

Power couples can’t help but emit confidence. And it won’t be long before other people start coming to you with questions on how they can do the same. If you’re the go-to in your friend group when it comes to serious dating and relationship advice, it’s probably because you and your partner possess recognizable power couple vibes.

6. You’re Each Other’s Biggest Cheerleaders

If you’re a power couple, it means that you and your partner will gladly go out of your way to make sure you both feel fulfilled in both your professional and personal lives. You support each other’s life decisions and make an effort to prop one another up during the hard times.

7. You Know How to Work a Room

In a true power couple, neither of you have an issue turning on the charm when the situation calls for it. Neither of you is the type to leave the party early—or, worst of the worst, leaving the other behind. You take the time and energy to make the proper rounds, introducing each other to new people, and generally being fabulous all the while.

8. You Communicate

Communication is vital in any partnership, but power couples tend to excel at it more than the rest of us. Since so many demands and obligations can often lead to conflict, partners in a power couple have trained themselves to clearly communicate their thoughts, desires, and expectations to each other to mitigate work’s tendency to interfere with the relationship. With this achieved, time together can be spent peacefully.

9. You Finish Each Other’s…

… sentences! Or is it sandwiches? We can’t quite remember, but we’re confident that either one is a positive indicator.

10. You Remember to Express Gratitude

You will often find that power couples build their relationship on a foundation of gratitude since couples that build this foundation are the happiest ones.

Research shows that couples who regularly practice gratitude and express their appreciation  tend to feel more connected, loved, and satisfied with their relationships. This will also lead to feeling more comfortable articulating concerns and keeps you viewing your partner as the validating, attentive, and responsive person that they are.

Gratitude can be expressed in infinite ways, from a simple word of kindness to a fun surprise (the power of which is also backed by a significant body of research), to a thoughtful or heartfelt gift. In this regard, we cannot recommend highly enough the power of flowers.

Almost a cliché in the art of romance, the gift of flowers has nonetheless stood the test of time in its efficacy and ubiquity. And what better flower to give your power partner than the original “power flower,” the bloom most associated with love itself, the classic rose? At Venus ET Fleur, all our stunning, handcrafted arrangements are made with our peerless Eternity® Roses, which, made from real roses, will last for an entire year with proper care.

Briefly consider one of our bestselling pieces, the elegant Le Mini™ Round, which features a single gorgeous Eternity Rose, to highlight the unshakeable individualism of your power partner. Set in one of our luxurious Parisian hat box-inspired round boxes, the Le Mini is an ideal arrangement for elevating any small space, and they make for perfect gifts.

Final Remarks

Now, you don’t need to check every box on this list to be a power couple, and if you and your significant other truly are such, you likely won’t need to ask the question. That said, we hope this has been a fun peek for you into what makes the most influential couples so magnetic and unforgettable.

Please come back to our blog anytime for more content pertaining to flowers, romance, and lifestyle tips! And remember that we offer custom arrangements with a dazzling variety of options for you to choose from.



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