What to Do With Dried Roses: 8 Creative Ideas


Venus ET Fleur® flowers are also known as Eternity® Roses, meaning that they do not wilt and will stay blooming for up to a year when taken care of properly. However, what can you do with all of those beautiful roses when they finally dry up?

You might be surprised to know that you do not have to throw them away! There are plenty of creative projects that require dried flowers. So instead of throwing away that beautiful gift, you received last year, why not make it into a new project?

These are all of the creative ideas that we gathered for you! 


1. Create a Wreath


Our first creative idea for your dried roses would be to create a wreath. If you received your Venus ET Fleur flowers as a special gift, this is a great idea to preserve the memory in your home.

If you want to make a rose wreath, you will need to be sure that your flowers have dried completely. If you think your Eternity Roses need more time, it would be best to leave them alone for a while longer or place them in a sunny spot until they dry thoroughly. 

The fun part about making a wreath is designing it yourself and choosing where to place everything. If you received a larger amount of roses, then you could even make the wreath entirely out of them. 

If you have fewer roses to work with, you can add other plants to the design and come up with something that speaks to you. You could even make it a seasonal wreath by adding bright fall leaves or spring flowers, depending on when your roses have dried.

Of course, this idea works with any type of roses that you received from us. No matter what color petals they have, you can use them to create a cute and unique wreath.

2. Make Your Own Potpourri


Potpourri is a mixture made of dried spices and petals placed in a small container. This allows for their scent to spread through a smaller room and is an amazing idea if you have some nice smelling essential oils that you want to mix in.

You can keep the potpourri mixture in a mason jar or sachet, or anything that can be closed off when you are finished using it. It is quite simple to make and looks nice, plus the smell of roses can brighten up any room.

First, be sure that the roses have completely dried. Then remove the petals and mix them in your jar or a bowl. Combine the rest of your ingredients, if you have more flowers or other materials that you want to mix in. If you are using spices or essential oils, be sure to add them in before the next step.

Finally, close the jar or cover the container you made the potpourri in. You will want to let the mixture sit undisturbed for a long time so that the scent can build up in the container. After that, you can open the container whenever you want to let the wonderful scent out into the room.

This project is quick and easy to make. The longest part is waiting for the potpourri scent to build up in your container. Venus ET Fleur flowers smell wonderful, and if you can’t get enough of that scent, this is a great option for reusing those dried petals.

3. Create a Dried Flower Crown


You can put any flowers that you want on to a flower crown. Dried roses would be a unique and beautiful addition to any headpiece that you decide to create! Flower crowns are beautiful, elegant, and perfect for taking pictures in.

You will need some wire that you measure to fit the size of your head. From there you can attach the dried roses in any way that suits you! This DIY project is a fun way to make a cute accessory, and if you have any kids at home, they will love helping you design the crown.

There are so many different ways to tackle this project as well. You could include a variety of different plants in your crown, with the dried roses as an accent point. Or, you could design the crown entirely out of roses. It is all up to you and how many flowers you have available to work with.

There also is a wide variety of different plants for you to find outside. You could make a different crown for each season when different foliage appears outdoors. The possibilities are endless with this idea and there is a lot of room for creativity. 


4. Press and Frame the Petals


If you want to preserve the flowers for even longer, then you might consider pressing them and displaying them in a frame. To press a rose, you will need to arrange the petals on the flower before pressing it between books. You also want to be sure that you have an additional paper on top and under the roses.

You will want to leave the flowers to press for a while so that they completely dry and hold their new shape. Once you have finished with that, you can organize them in a frame and hang them up to display them in your home.

You can lay the flower petals out however you want in the frame. They might also make a cute addition to pictures that you already have around the house. This project gives you a lot of room to experiment and be creative when laying the roses out in the frame.

If you had a large box of Eternity Roses, then you might have too many petals to use to only frames. You might consider doing this alongside making a wreath or any of the other ideas we mentioned on this page. There are a ton of uses for dried roses, so be sure not to waste the ones that you have!


5. Make a Rose Perfume


Instead of discarding your old flowers, you can use their petals to make a delicious smelling and natural perfume. The best part of this project is that you can make the perfume as strong or as subtle as you would like. 

If you have any young ones at home, they will also enjoy helping you out in making the perfume. We also think that a homemade rose perfume makes a thoughtful gift! If you have any birthdays or other events coming up soon, we are certain that anyone would love to receive a present that you made yourself.


6. Make a Dried Flower Bouquet


If you happen to have other dried flowers at home, then you can add your dry roses to make a dried flower bouquet with them. This is a very simple way of repurposing your old flowers into a new decorative project.

All you need is a vase or other container to put the flowers in. You can choose to add the roses however you would like, although directly attaching them to the stems of the other flowers in your bouquet is a good plan.

Dried roses can match with a variety of other types of flowers. Plus, if you have uniquely colored Venus ET Fleur petals, you can come up with your own amazing and special dried flower bouquet.

7. Add Them to Your Bath Water


A warm bath in rose water is an amazing way to relax. You will simply need to add the dried petals to a bowl with Epsom salt and powdered milk. You may also add your favorite essential oils to the mixture.

This can also make for a great gift. If you have any family or friends that can not get enough of relaxing baths with great smelling bath bombs, they might also enjoy this option. The roses add a wonderful scent to the water and make it look more romantic. It is sure to soothe anyone.


8. Create a Romantic Setting


If you do not mind a little extra clean up later, you can try this idea. Use the dried petals to create a romantic and fun evening for your special someone.

Simply have the rose petals lead them along a trail to the bedroom or decorate the bathtub with them. Add a few candles for that extra ambiance. This is another idea that you can tweak and make personal to you and your loved one.



There are plenty of ways to repurpose dried roses instead of throwing them away. All of these ideas allow you to be creative with the petals and come up with your own unique ways to use them.

If you were given those flowers as a gift, you probably will want to hold on to them a little longer. Making them into a wreath, crown, pressing them, or turning them into potpourri or perfume are all great ways to keep using them.

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