The Meaning of the Blue Rose and Blue Flowers in Arrangements

As abundant as it appears to be in our world, blue is, in fact, the rarest of all colors in nature. True-blue flowers are hard to come by, and blue roses are even harder, as they do not exist in our natural world. However, because of the color blue and its scarcity, humans have been learning how to manufacture the color blue for years, and luckily we’ve been able to do it with the rose as well.

With plenty to add in terms of meaning and visual appeal, it’s clear why one would desire a blue rose or other blue flowers to add to an arrangement. At Venus et Fleur®, we have not one, but three beautiful shades of our blue Eternity® Roses to choose from, 22 other colors of roses, and other flowers to pair them with. If you need some help choosing just the right arrangement for you, consider the meaning of the color blue and the context of the gift you are giving

The Meaning We Draw from the Color Blue

When it comes to the color blue, there’s plenty of meaning to be ascribed to the whole range of shades. With it being the most popular color for many around the world, there’s bound to be a variety of opinions and reasons about what the color blue means and why it’s special. From the psychology behind the color to the sky above us, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the color blue.

How the Different Blues Convey Meaning

With the expanse of the sky and the deep wonder of the ocean, the color blue has come to mean a lot to us. According to some, it is the most universally attractive color because of its non-polarizing traits. While calming and relaxing, bringing a sense of peace in many ways, it is also authoritative and powerful. Perhaps the easiest way to show the meaning of blue is to go through its color scale.

Baby and Light Blues - The color of a clear sky, baby blue is a color of calm, serenity, and openness. Often used as the color for newborn boys, it is the most popular shade of blue. When combined with colors such as white, yellow, pink, or champagne, they can bring balance and a sense of calm to more bright and sparkly colors.

Aqua and Sea Blues - Aqua and other shades of blue that have come to represent the ocean, bring a spiritual balance similar to that of light and baby blue. Aqua invokes tranquility, wisdom, and joy, like the deep feeling of peace on a bright, calm, sunny beach day. 

Dark and Deep Blues - Dark blues carry a potentially more serious tone, as dark blue clothing is often paired with people in authority or who carry a more serious demeanor. Banks, investment firms, insurance, and other companies use the color in their branding as well to give the feeling of reliability and authority to potential clients.

When to Gift the Color Blue in an Arrangement

When it comes to giving a flower arrangement as a gift, there’s a lot to consider, but some colors make it easier than others to find a pairing. If you want to include the color blue in your arrangement, there are tons of colors that will be enhanced and floral meanings that will be changed with addition of your chosen shade. 

For New Babies 

As we alluded to before, baby blue is a very popular color for a newborn baby boy, and thus, it makes a great addition to any baby boy’s nursery or baby shower. A flower arrangement or décor of our Eternity® Roses would be a beautiful display for both the baby and the mother to admire. When it comes to gifts for newborns or expectant mothers at a baby shower, one of our Le Mini Letters or any of our Le Mini collection would be great as nursery décor. You could also get a lasting arrangement of baby blue flowers for the mother, as a symbol of her achievement and that special day when the baby is born.

If you’re throwing a gender-reveal party, a baby shower for twins, or just a celebration where you want to go gender-neutral, then an arrangement of pink and baby blue would be perfect as décor or as a gift. These colors really complement each other and the moment.

In Springtime and Summer Arrangements

Another time when you’ll see a lot of blue in flower arrangements is in the spring or summer time. With spring, comes the birth of another growing season into a time of peace, serenity, and the blossoming warmth of the coming months. At this time, baby blue and other light blues make the perfect match to colors such as yellow and pink to display the openness and newness of the season to come. 

As the spring moves into summer, the days get hotter and the complementary shades of blue get darker as well. Aqua and other, dark-yet-energetic shades of blue start to come on the scene, bringing with them a sense of coolness and tranquility in the heat. Going with any color, it matches the time when most of us are in our best shape, and seemingly goes with everything. Finally, as the summer comes full steam, deep shades of blue match the intensity of the hottest days and the brightest oranges in your arrangement, but bring cadence to the darker days of the coming fall.

For Elegant Displays

Another time when certain blues may be a good choice is when you’re preparing a more elegant, formal, or congratulatory arrangement. Once a color reserved for royals and the highest of the upper class, there’s a reason that darker shades of blue are associated with power, because the wealth it took to display a dark blue dress, coat, or otherwise would likely mean a powerful person underneath it. 

If you’re looking to give a gift to someone in a prominent position, who’s graduating, or who simply has a high bar for elegance, adding dark blue to an arrangement with the right complementary colors can show elevated taste and the respect you have for them or their accomplishment.

Choose the Right Blue Flowers for Your Arrangement

When it comes to choosing the right flowers for your arrangement, there are hundreds of options with Venus et Fleur. Whether you need the longest-lasting, baby blue roses for your friend’s shower gift or you need to lift your arrangement with a sense of calm or power, one of our customizable floral arrangements or flower boxes is sure to hold the perfect gift for the occasion.