Design Your OwnLé Clair™ Collection - Lasts One Year

Introducing the Lé Clair™ Collection, a limited-edition collection of luxury acrylic home decor and storage products featuring our Eternity Roses™ flowers. These stunning, crystal clear products feature a top layer of Eternity Roses, protected by a clear acrylic lid. 

The Lé Clair Products vary in size:

Lé Clair Un Clair (Clear Box, No Drawer) - 1 Eternity® Roses flower 

Lé Clair Un Noire (Black Box, No Drawer) - 1 Eternity® Roses flower 

Lé Clair Cinq with drawer - 5 Eternity® Roses flowers

Lé Clair Neuf with drawer - 9 Eternity® Roses flowers

Lé Clair Vint-Cinq with drawer - 25 Eternity® Roses flowers

Available in a variety of sizes, these elegant, unique pieces are the perfect gift for anyone looking to upgrade their space. All sizes except the Lé Clair Un Clair and Noire feature a functional drawer, perfect for storing jewelry, makeup and other small items. 

The Lé Clair collection is the ultimate luxury floral gift, guaranteed to enhance not only the space which it is in, but the happiness of your loved one forever. Using high quality Eternity® Roses flowers, the arrangements will last a minimum of 1 year when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. Each rose is unique to its own, carefully produced to retain their original texture and shape. 

With absolutely no maintenance or watering required, the Lé Clair collection will always look luxurious and elegant in your space - year after year. 

Arrangement includes a calligraphy greeting card. 

*Arrangements do not include any jewelry or fabric drawer liners as displayed in some product photos. 

+ Box Material:

Vint-Cinq (25 Rose)
Neuf (9 Rose)
Cinq (5 Rose)
Un Clair (1 Rose)
Un Noire (1 Rose)

+ Color:

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