Design Your OwnEternity Large Ombré Arrangement - Lasts One Year

*Round & Square boxes available IN NYC & NJ  ONLY. If shipping outside of these zones, we can only ship the Square Boxes*
The Eternity Ombré Collection is statement on its own. Shades going from Darkest to Lightest and transitioning in color through out. The arrangement is guaranteed to enhance not only the space which it is in, but the happiness of your loved one forever. Using Eternity® Roses flowers, the arrangements will last 1 year when there is no direct contact to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. Each rose is unique to its own, carefully produced to retain their original texture and shape. 
With absolutely no maintenance or watering required, the Eternity Collection will always look luxurious and elegant in your space - year after year. 
 **PLEASE NOTE** Our Eternity® Roses flowers undergo a dying process, and when two opposite colored roses are next to one another there can be running of the dye.
*For same day deliveries customers must call us at 800-808-9830 to see availability. For delivery orders, any order placed after 8am EST would go out the following business day. We do not deliver on Saturdays & Sunday*

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