Design Your OwnGrandiose DE Venus ™ - Lasts One Year

*Please Note - This product is only available in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut. For delivery to any other of the continental 48 states, shipping takes around 5 business days.
Gigantesque. Beau. Luxueux.

With the Grandiose Eternity Arrangement, sentiment and luxury transcend into the realm of décor. Use it to send an extra-large romantic message, or shower your living space with gorgeous, luxurious roses that last a year or longer. Measuring 3’ x 1’ x 9”, the extra-large arrangement is three times the size of a traditional Eternity arrangement. 

All customizations must be approved by a designer. Given the size of the arrangement, we can do many different designs. 

Arrangement Includes:

Hand Written Stationery Card

Large Arrangement: Approx. 130 Eternity Roses™ flowers

Size: 36" x 12" x 9"

This product is only available for shipping within the NYC Metro & Greater Los Angeles Areas.

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