Order real roses that last a year® for your most important events.

  • Features dozens of black luxury boxed roses
  • Roses require no water or maintenance
  • Personalize your delivery with a custom greeting card
  • Ideal for commemorating personal and professional achievements 

The color black is associated with strength, formality, elegance, and sophistication, and no other collection of roses is better for celebrating momentous occasions than this stunning Eternity® Rose arrangement from Venus ET Fleur®. This Large Square arrangement features 36 to 42 long-lasting black blooms housed in a luxurious black suede box, providing your recipient with a handsome arrangement that they can enjoy for months on end with proper care. Order your roses that last a year from Venus ET Fleur® today.


  • 36 to 42 black Eternity® Roses
  • 12 inches by 12 inches by 9 inches
  • Large, square, black suede hat box
  • Customizable greeting card
This arrangement is currently out of stock.

Eternity false Custom Arrangement

12″×12″×9″ — 36-42 Roses


This is a prearranged box. Add this product to your cart and you'll receive the same box style, arrangement pattern and rose color options as pictured and listed below. This saves you the time of configuring these options yourself.

If you would like to change the box material, arrangement style, or rose colors, design your own false Black Suede box here.

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