The Gender Reveal They'll Never See Coming

Boy or girl? Make your big announcement with roses that last a year.


Celebrate With Roses That Last A Year

You've been thinking long and hard on how to make your gender reveal one to remember. Everybody seems to be doing the same thing, and you know that you're a bit classier than most


This is exactly what you've been looking for.


You can completely customize one of our exquisite arrangements and watch their eyes light up as you reveal a beautiful blue or pink bouquet!


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Eternity® Roses Inspired By True Love

During the precious early stages of a budding romance, Sunny Chadha arranged for Seema Bansal to receive what was meant to be a luxurious and elegant bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day – only to find that the flowers were of subpar quality and uninspired aesthetics.

While Seema was truly appreciative of the gesture, they both suddenly realized that there was a necessity in the floral industry for impeccable arrangements that exuded elegance and style.

That tender gesture and the following sudden strike of artistic vision would become the birth of Venus ET Fleur®.