Say Hello to Fall With Venus ET Fleur®!

The changing of the leaves and the cooler temperatures in the air are all indications that summer is coming to an end and fall is taking its place. While some people love the warm weather and endless sun associated with summer, those who love fall are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite season.

Whether you’re going back to school, starting a new career, or carrying on with your daily routine, Venus ET Fleur® is here to add a splash of luxury to your life. We offer a wide assortment of Eternity® Roses in beautiful and bright colors. Choose an arrangement from our Special Collection that will make you feel like you’re being featured on HGTV or customize an arrangement for a loved one who may be starting a new chapter in their life this fall. Whatever the occasion may be (or even if there isn’t one) you can’t go wrong when you choose Venus ET Fleur®.

Say Hello to Fall With Venus ET Fleur®!

Eventually, fall will turn into winter, and you will need something to remind you that the cold temperatures and gloomy weather won’t last forever. Luckily, our real roses that last a year® can last a full year with proper care, allowing you to enjoy their beauty, even when you have the winter blues. For this reason, now is the time to start shopping and treat yourself this fall to some of the best arrangements Venus ET Fleur® has to offer!

Fleurs de la Nuit Collection

If you are someone who loves spring flowers and colorful summer days, then the Fleurs de la Nuit Collection from Venus ET Fleur® is perfect for you! These gorgeous arrangements feature Parisian-style hatboxes printed with beautiful flower blossoms against a warm pink background. This wonderful arrangement comes with approximately 36 to 42 roses, and you have the option to choose from 24 different colors! Add to the colors of the season with a lovely rose gold color, or go for a more vibrant color that will lift your spirits on the gloomy days ahead.

Love Locks Box

The Love Locks Box is a new addition to the Venus ET Fleur® family, and it definitely made a grand entrance. While most of our Eternity Roses come in a hatbox, this arrangement features a luxe French-inspired trunk with a secret drawer and approximately 30 Eternity® Roses that can only be accessed with a lock and key.

This unique arrangement was designed after the founders of Venus ET Fleur® learned that the famous Love Locks Bridge in Paris would be taken down, leaving many lovers’ locks gone forever. From this tragedy, the Love Locks Box bloomed, and it is a perfect way to show your love how much you care. Not only that, but this unique design will add an aura of elegance wherever you decide to place it.

Small Lé Plein

The Lé Plein arrangement from Venus ET Fleur® is a classic design that features more than eight dozen roses and has been featured on some of the top networks such as Forbes, People, Allure, and more! From this iconic arrangement comes the Small Lé Plein. While this arrangement may be smaller in size, it certainly is no less extravagant. Buy this arrangement for yourself, or give it as a gift to someone special in your life. Do you have a close friend who is starting a new career? Wish them luck with the Small Lé Plein in their favorite color! Want to show someone you’re thinking of them? You can’t go wrong with this amazing arrangement, no matter the occasion.

Venus ET Fleur® Maison Fleura & Reflex Rose

There’s no question that our Eternity® Roses are beautiful, but maybe you’re looking for something a little more demur. Introducing the Venus ET Fleur® Maison arrangement: the newest addition overall and the first addition to the home collection. With this arrangement, you receive the same amazing Eternity® Roses that you love, but instead of arriving in a bespoke, Parisian-style hatbox, they come in a simple white vase that will easily match the decor in your home.

In addition to the new vase, you also have the option to choose the classic style of Eternity® Roses or the Reflex Rose. The Reflex Rose features a more ruffled appearance, which gives your arrangement a fuller look. While the Reflex Rose may be a new look for our Eternity® Roses, they are still just as exquisite as ever.

Start Shopping!

What are you waiting for? Now that fall is here, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to all of your fall favorites, from pumpkin spice beverages to Venus ET Fleur®! With arrangements this gorgeous, they can be hard to resist. Start shopping all of your fall favorites to keep the spirit alive all year long, and buy now from Venus ET Fleur®!