What Are The Colors Of Fall?

Fashion weeks may look a bit different this year, and with all that’s going on we’re embracing style and coziness more than passing trends. It’s a time for treasuring the elegant and the essential, and for appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

With that said, there are colors that we’ll be seeing everywhere this autumn—on the runways, in home decor, and, of course, in Venus ET Fleur flower arrangements.

Here are a few of the colors d’jour, and how to incorporate them into your various aspects of your life—your home, wardrobe, makeup, and so forth—to make it even more stylish.

So, what are zeitgeist colors for the season of turning leaves, and how can you bring them into your life?

Sorbet Pink:

We love and adore pink, and for fall 2020 the subtle, feminine, and playful sorbet pink tone is in. Consider upgrading your power suit to something in this gorgeous tone, and design your own Venus ET Fleur arrangement to make a stunning arrangement of pink roses in a pink box. Place it on your vanity, desk, or bedside table, and enjoy the positivity that the playful tone radiates. It’s ultra feminine. Translation? Gorgeous, strong, and timeless.

Greens Galore: 

Chartreuse, mint, and olive are the greens of the moment—and there’s no reason to feel green with envy when you see these colors, because there are simple ways to incorporate them into your life. Almost all of our arrangements are available in gorgeous tones of the earthy, grounding tone, and several of the arrangements in our Maison Collection feature hydrangea leaves, such as our Sylvie in green. We love the contrast of the crisp, sophisticated ceramic vase and the luscious roses and hedera leaves. Green is the color of abundance, and our arrangements will bring even more abundance into your life. Another of our favorite arrangements of flowers in green? The clean, sophisticated Le Clair Cinq with mint or green roses. The acrylic box pairs so beautifully with every shade of green, and you can use the secret storage compartment to store a few of your fall essentials. Adornment-rise, we recommend buying a scarf or handbag in green—it’s a simple way to wear the color without committing to a major all-green look. Think a classic handbag in a vibrant shade of chartreuse or a warming cashmere scarf in olive. It’s a playful, sophisticated look.

Earth Tones and Almond milk:

Autumn is an amazing time on earth—the weather and our natural surroundings are incredibly gorgeous as they prepare to hibernate for the winter. Embrace the grounding beauty of fall by filling your life with pieces in earth tones!

Browns, beige, and ivory are in!

Our Rose Blanche candle, with ivory wax in a stunning and timeless ceramic ivory vessel, will elevate any room—and the flame is a grounding element of earth that will warm the season for you. Our Florentina Vase, which is finally back in stock, perfectly encapsulates the earthy tones of the season with its gorgeous brown crystal color (complete with a golden crown setting and a rose quartz pendant). Select an ivory or rose toned gold, and your home will be endlessly more sophisticated for fall—and for the entire year. Consider also bringing in earthly elements such as pieces of wood into your home—they’re great for creating beautiful tablescapes and integrating the natural world into your home. Earth tones are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe—you likely already own an ivory turtleneck, classic suede brown jacket, and a few great brown pieces. Pair them with black and white for a timeless look, and select an accessory in a more vivid color (navy, pink, and orange are all amazing with earth tones) for a truly sophisticated, fall-ready look.


Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of a glass of red, the shade is in for fall. Think otherworldly changing leaves, rubies, and warm evenings spent fireside—and then channel that gorgeous color into your home decor and wardrobe. Deep red roses are known to be representative of romance, so romance yourself with an arrangement such as our incredibly bountiful Large Round in burgundy. The Parisian hat box-inspired design will remind you of the City of Love, and the plethora of gorgeous roses serves as a testament to your love for yourself. It will also make your home feel cozy and fall-ready, and very of the moment. For fall 2020, consider applying a matte deep red lip—it’ll elevate your look in mere seconds, and will make you look gorgeous and professional for your numerous Zoom meetings. A maroon dress is the ideal piece for a date night this autumn—find one that you love and dress it up with some gold-toned jewelry for an autumn-ready look that’s wildly romantic and timeless.

Cobalt blue:

We’re major fans of Yves Klein Blue—the gorgeous, distinctive tone of blue that Yves Klein used in almost all of his works. That perfect tone that some of our favorite Italian sparkling waters come bottled in. This season, cobalt is majorly in—and it’s such a simple, gorgeous color to introduce into your life. For home decor, think dashes of cobalt in your living room, closet, and kitchen, by way of our Le Mini in deep blue (we love this in a blush box for an extra pop of color, and it’s also amazing in a more timeless white, black, or grey box) for your closet, and with a stunning Fleura vase in deep blue for your kitchen, dining area, living room, and other focal points of your home. You may also want to find a stunning cobalt ceramic serving bowl for your kitchen to store lemons and seasonal pomegranates on—it’s a gorgeous home decor object that’s also totally functional. And for your desk? Fill your pen cup with a handful of navy roller ball pens to celebrate back to school season and the incredible royal color.

When it comes to your makeup and wardrobe, consider applying a navy eyeliner on your upper lash line for evening—it’s a fun way to incorporate a bit of color into your look, and it’s still totally sophisticated. A cobalt or navy handbag, wallet, and scarf will never go out of style—so invest in a few luxurious accessories now that will serve you in style for years to come.

Fields of Orange:

Autumn leaves come in tones ranging from sunshine yellow to rich gold to orange to maroon—and this season, bright, fiery orange is coming in hot. Punctuate your living room with a vivacious arrangement, such as our Allura in orange. The bright orange roses are incredible in contrast with our exclusive ceramic Mansion Collection vases. With it being fall, consider placing a few vibrant pumpkins around your house. They’re fun, playful, earthy, and gorgeous—and this year, they’re on trend. We also love the look of a leather orange catchall tray, a cozy orange cashmere blanket on the couch, and a bowl of persimmons or oranges in the kitchen for a pop of seasonal color.

A matte orange lip tone with otherwise nude, barely-there makeup (or with a makeup-less face) is a great, daring look that will brighten your face and make you look even more glowy. We also love the look of an orange sweater or long sleeved shirt with jeans and boots, and have seen a few incredible orange dresses on the runways. Elevate the look even more with some gold jewelry, and you’ve got a warm, gorgeous fall look.

Which of these Fall 2020 colors of the moment is your favorite? Photograph images of your home and/or outfits and tag us, @VenusETFleur on Instagram—we love to see the creative things that you do to make your life even more beautiful and stylish, and may just re-post!