A Zodiac Inspired Gift Guide to Celebrate the End of Summer

August is often marked as the last month of summer, and is noted as a transitional period into the cooler months of Autumn. Those born from August to November experience the high energy and brilliance of the sun, as well as its transition into a more calming energy. For your special someone with an upcoming birthday, Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you find the perfect rose arrangement for them, based on their zodiac signs.

Gift Ideas for a Leo Sign (July 22 - August 22)

left daughter gifts mother large blue suede rose arrangement, right large pink suede rose arrangement

Leos are known for being bold, brave, and charismatic. They are often the center of attention and are almost always enthusiastic and passionate about just about everything. Leos thrive when the stage is theirs, and they tend to avoid situations that will cause them to look or feel vulnerable. . They enjoy putting up a strong front, as they want others to perceive them as such. Leos are fiercely loyal and will protect the people they love.

For the outspoken Leo sign, a Blue Suede Large Square arrangement of white roses is the way to go. The playful, summery blue shade brings a vibrance and vivacity that can match a Leo’s strong personality. Other vibrant colors to consider are orange, hot pink, or red roses,  a sophisticated grey suede box. This bold arrangement is everything that a Leo could dream of—and more.

Gift Ideas for a Virgo Sign (August 23 - September 22)

left lavender rose flower arrangement in porcelain vase, right woman with lavender rose arrangements

Virgos are known for being logical, meticulous, and detail-oriented. Virgos are methodical and practical in how they approach life. They’re known for their perfectionism, dedication, thoroughness, and hard work. No matter how successful they become, however, you’ll rarely see a Virgo boast about their achievements. In fact, they’re often self-critical and will downplay their accomplishments, being careful not to fall into the depths of their own egos.

Gift the Virgos in your life with a Fleura Vase with Mixed Eternity™ Flowers in our soothing lavender tone. The mix of lilac and purple tones will add a level of sophistication to any home office or living room table, where Virgos can often be found, hard at work. An elegant arrangement serve as a reminder to take a moment to breathe and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. All of our flowers require very little maintenance, which makes it ideal for the practical and busy Virgo sign.

Gift Ideas for a Libra Sign (September 23 - October 22)

left tresor single rose arrangement in clear acrylic case, right square rose arrangement

Libras are known for keeping the peace among their friends, coworkers, and followers. Libras are diplomatic and constantly pursue equality and justice. They are represented by a scale, for balance, as Libras are natural mediators in arguments. Unlike Virgos, who are more detail-oriented, Libras tend to take a big-picture approach on life. Libras are fascinated by intellectual discussions and good books, but they can also often be found looking out the window, daydreaming about life.

Gift the Libras in your life with one of our beautiful pieces from our Lé Clair Collection. A Lé Clair Quinze arrangement with pearlescent-colored roses will suit the dreamy personality of this Air sign. These clear acrylic rose arrangements will elevate any home aesthetic, whether you have a more modern-minimalist style or a traditional-luxe style. Our Le Clair arrangements also serve as stunning storage compartments for treasures and daily necessities.

Gift Ideas for a Scorpio Sign (October 23 - November 22)

classic bundle sets with two single rose arrangements and rose scented votive candle

Scorpios are known for their persistence and passion. Scorpios are excellent leaders because of their dedication to pushing forward until they’ve met or surpassed their goals. They are water signs, so they feel and express their emotions strongly and openly. They make loyal and passionate friends, and serve as worthy opponents in competitions.

Gift the Scorpios in your life with a Classic Bundle Set, featuring our timeless Le Mini Round, Le Mini Square, and a fragrant Rose Blanche Votive candle. The scented candle will remind the passionate Scorpio to take a moment to pause and reflect on their emotions. This stunning arrangement comes in an elegant Parisian-inspired hat box, making it suitable for decorating any home office, living room, or even bathroom. Each piece on our Classic Bundle Set will help to make any space more sophisticated.

Those born in the end of the summer months are so special. Follow this gift guide to find a unique rose arrangement for the ones you love. Each gift will leave a lasting impression. Browse our special collections at Venus ET Fleur for more ways that you can send and spread your love to your beloved this summer.